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What is a Reportable Work Item?

Clarizen Team
posted this on June 13, 2013, 03:48

What is a Reportable Work Item?

Reportable work item is one that allows resources to report work performed on the work item in their timesheets.

Only Reportable work items are included in timesheets.

By default only leaf tasks are considered to be Reportable. It is possible to set a parent work item to be Reportable. Doing so will un-set all sub work items from being Reportable.
If a parent work item is set to be reportable, this work item would be included in personal timesheets of resources assigned to work items under this parent.


You are running a project with three milestones and numerous tasks located under these milestones.

Assume you are interested in the effort spent only on each milestone. You are not interested in having detailed reporting at the task level. Simply set these three Milestones as Reportable.

Resources assigned to perform project activities will see only see these milestones in their timesheets.

While reporting, resources will enter in their total effort for each milestone. The amount of effort being entered is the effort invested on all individual tasks within the milestone.

How to Set Work Items as Reportable

Just check the Reportable checkbox in the work item’s Properties card. As a result Allow Reporting on Sub-items checkbox will be unset and disabled indicating that reporting on the sub work items is automatically prevented.

To make specific work item not Reportable just uncheck Reportable checkbox. Allow Reporting on Sub-itemscheckbox will be automatically checked indicating that sub-items can be set Reportable and added to the timesheet report.

To exclude the whole project or specific branch in the project tree, milestone or hummock task, just uncheck both Reportable and Allow Reporting on Sub-items checkboxes.

1. Check that system setting Include only manually selected work items in the Time Tracking category is set according to your reporting policy.
2. To be included in a Timesheet a work item has to be in Active state. You can add work items in states other than Active to Timesheets. To do so, set the relevant system setting (e.g. Allow reporting hours on Draft work items) in the Time Tracking category.




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Alicia Alcaino

How can I engage "Early Reporting" within the v6 Timesheets?  Any suggestions? Thaks Alicia Alcaino from Kronos

October 29, 2013, 11:30
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John Gough

For some reason the timesheet settings for my tasks are all greyed out?  At the highest level they are not so hours can be reported at the context level, not any sub tasks.... why would this be?  Help.


thank you 

November 19, 2013, 06:35