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What are Supported Time Unit Formats?

Clarizen Team
posted this on June 13, 2013 13:52

What are Supported Time Unit Formats?

This section describes formats used by the Clarizen to display or enter time units.

Durations, Actual Effort, Remaining Effort, Lag or other properties  that describe 'time units' are displayed in the application using the shortest possible suffixes:

  • Minutes: "min" (5min)
  • Hours:  “h” (3h)
  • Days: “d” (6d)
  • Weeks: “w” (7w)
  • Months: “mo” (1mo)

User can enter the values of such properties using following suffixes:

  • Minutes: "min"
  • Hours: “h”, “hrs”, “hour”, “hours”
  • Days: “d”, “day”, “days”
  • Weeks: “w”, “week”, “weeks”
  • Months:  “m”, “mo”, “month”, “months”

Consecutive Duration and Lag Time

There can be the cases when user would like to indicate that system should not take into account non working days while planning specific work item.  

The suggested format to display values where work and calendar time of the  Duration or Lag between two work items are different is using a prefix ( “c” for consecutive before the suffix) – for example  “ 5 cd” or  “12 ch”.  

Consecutive days means the user enforces a start date and an end date (i.e. runs over non-working days if required).