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What is a Financial User?

Clarizen Team
posted this on June 13, 2013, 03:53

What is a Financial User?

Financial User has financial permissions that allow him/her to handle (view and modify) any type of financial data, such as rates of job titles, user rates, project budget, etc.

Project Budget Management is an important part of project planning and execution that is fulfilled by the Financial User. Managing a budget refers to managing project estimates, costs and revenues.

Administrator can give Financial permissions to the user by opening the user’s Properties from the Settings>Users page and check the Financial Permissions check box.

To start managing Project Budget Financial user has to make initial financial settings at the Organization level.

Financial user can fine-tune financial settings made at the organizational level for specific project.

Organization Level Settings

To manage Project Costs and Revenues Financial User should set corresponding cost and billing rates in:

Project Specific Settings

Time Tracking module and capability to manage billing rates and prices allow Clarizen users to manage various kinds of projects performed for specific Customer(s).

Clarizen allows the Financial User to define:

  • Fixed prices of projects or parts of the projects
  • Change job title rates for specific project
  • Change user’s job titles and rates for specific projects or its work items 

To activate the Budget, Customers and Time Tracking features in the application make sure that the respective system setting are checked in the Module Activation category.