Financial Planning Field Picker Enhancements

What's New?

Increased control for your Financial Planning view.  


  1. Reduce clutter of lesser used fields.
  2. More screen available for longer range of time phases.


What's in it For Me?

When we first introduced the Financial Planning (FP) view, the setup included default columns.

We have since customized this view by allowing you to collapse the left panel of your screen (for more information please refer to the link: Collapsible view ) and you can further tailor the field real estate by eliminating fields that are not relevant to you, or to what you're currently doing.

 Figure 1

Selecting relevant Resources (Labor & Non-Labor) columns


By removing columns from the view, you can free up valuable screen real estate for a longer range of time phases.

Name is mandatory, but:

  1. If you only deliver projects in one currency, you can remove the currency field.
  2. If your projects are not billable, or if all work is always billable, you can remove the Billable field.
  3. If you don't track CAPEX and OPEX amounts, then you can remove the Expense Type.

*By removing the fields, you're only hiding them from the view, not deleting their content, so you can show the fields when setting up the Financial Plan and remove them later to free up screen space. 


Figure 2

Get a longer-term view by maximizing the number of monthly time phases displayed. 


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