Financial Planning - Labor Costs & Revenues

What’s New

A significant update to Financial Planning capabilities now includes Labor Plans from Tasks (Resource Planning) and Actuals from Timesheets in a Labor section giving unprecedented and highly accurate insight into your projects’ forecasted revenues and costs.





Extending Financial Planning’s monthly projection and tracking of Non-Labor costs and revenues, we now add the Labor costs coming from Task Assignments (Budget Cost, Budget Revenue) and Timesheets (Actual Costs, Actual Revenues). 


If you deliver Billable projects, you can consider this as Financial Utilization

If you deliver Billable Time & Materials projects, you can consider these amounts as key inputs for Revenue Recognition purposes.


How it works

Labor amounts snapshots are calculated every night based on:

Planned Work assignments (Task Work per User)  --> Budget Cost & Budget Revenue


Actual Effort as reported in timesheets --> Actual Cost & Actual Revenue


Use the refresh button when you know significant changes have been made to the work plan, or timesheets have just been logged and you need the latest most accurate financial position of your project.



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    Is there any plans to include financial planning against the Project level. For example, we may do some high level estimates with named resources / placeholder resources against a Project using the Resource Planning module (on a Project level). Will these costs be included into the financial planning module (and include timesheets reported on a project level as actuals and not individual tasks).

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    David Goulden

    Hi Chris. Yes! Although these Project Assignment costs and prices are not currently calculated by Clarizen into the project Budgeted Cost or Expected Revenue, we plan to change this in one of our next updates by adding a per-Project setting for how Labor Budget is calculated. Will discuss with your Customer Success Managers and we can set a time to review.

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    Robin Head

    Hi David,

    We would also be very interested in the project assignment costs and prices (and timesheets on projects rather than tasks) - are there any updates on this ?

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    David Goulden