Resource Planning: Apply Task Assignment total to Project

What’s new?

A new "Apply Task Assignment" button on the Resource Planning screen enables Resource Managers or Team Leads managing assignments to mirror people’s aggregate Task Assignment on a Project (the lower total row)  to Project Assignment (the upper total row).




Mirroring the task assignment to the project assignment for the same period, provides 2 major benefits:


  1. Resource Approval Process-Lite: If your organization uses task assignments to request resource for this period, and the approval is done by assigning this user on the project level you can use the action of copying the task assignment to the project level as the way to quickly approve the assignment.
  2. Light & Full Work Planning: If your organization assigns some on the task level (deliverable work), and some on the project level (ongoing project management overhead). In that case, the user’s actual load can be viewed on the project assignment only, without the need to switch between task and project assignment.


How it works

  1. In Resource Planning screen, select specific projects of specific resources
  2. Click on ‘Apply Task Assignment’
  3. Select the date range for this change to affect Project Assignment
    1. By default, the current view date range is selected.
  4. Click ‘OK’
  5. The aggregated Task Assignment that you see on Project level, will be set as the Project Assignment.
  • The action is intended for full control of resource planning by resource planners or team leads and does not automatically mirror task assignments if they are changed
  • This action overrides any previous project assignment values
  • Any task assignments outside the selected time period or project timeline are not copied over.
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