99+ Counter Updated for Accuracy

What's New?

Increased accuracy when monitoring every aspect of your project.  You have become familiar with the 99+ counter at the top of your screen that has marked any group containing more than 99 items.  We have enhanced this counter to provide accuracy across the board.  


When opening any view to review the Project, Milestone, Tasks, Cases or WorkItems you will have immediate access to the exact figure.  The final figure provides you with the ability to track changes including additions, deletions and/or completions.

How it works

Within any view, you will see the 99+ counter you have become familiar with.  However in a matter of seconds, this number will automatically update.



Once calculation is complete, the accurate number will appear.




Since we recognize the importance of the accurate figure, you will find that it has been enhanced to the Related Panel as well.

Although the original view will reflect the 99+ counter (please see Figure 1 below), simply select the expanded view for the final calculated sum (Please see Figure 2 below).

Figure 1


Figure 2






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