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We have made life easier for you when utilizing Slide Publisher.  Admin/PMO/PM can create, edit, obtain slide templates with ease from the File Templates module.  These templates can be used as is or downloaded, edited in Microsoft Powerpoint and re-uploaded.


Note: If you are already using Slide Publisher and don't wish to make any changes at this point, you do not have to move your files to the File Templates. 



A centralized location to manage all slide publisher File Templates.


How it works

Admin/PMO,PM- defines which project should use the template based on project parameters.

  1. Users can open the new 'File Templates' from the navigation bar (based on profile navigation settings). 
  2. To use File Template files in Slide Publisher 
    1. You can download the Slide Publisher app again from the Clarizen Apps Marketplace. 
    2. If you have already installed Slide Publisher app previously and want to update it with no disruption to users: 
      1. You must first edit the existing Custom Action - change the 'Reference To Object' from 'File' to 'FileTemplate'.

      2. In the Actions > Set Variable "URL" section  of the action
        Change the URL parameters from:
        "TemplateExternalId" to "FileTemplateExternalId”.
        Line 5 should now read: + '&FileTemplateExternalId=' + Template.externalid

    3.  When you are ready to publish your slides you'll be able to only select from those slides located in File Templates 
As seen in the screen shot below: 
File Upload Settings
Customers with system setting 6.8:Link attachments to objects set to ‘None’, which does not allow users to upload files to Clarizen, can still use the File Template module to upload Slide Publisher templates.




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    Wilfredo Maldonado

    Any chance File Templates can be extended to allow other Templates? Like Document Publisher Templates? It is probably going to be a gradual progression where we attempt to migrate Document Publisher Templates to Slide Publisher Templates.

    Simply because the Slide Publisher Template technology and plug-ins are SO EASY to use and Document Publisher should get upgrade to work the same. Plus, it is just easier to manage and control in a single repository, because some people do not like sharing everything via social... :)

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