Progress E-mail Update

What's new?

   With the press of one button you can access all projects that need an update.


 The cleaner UI makes updates easier to work with and, the new format allows individual project updates for more accurate reporting.  

How it works

  The progress e-mail you are familiar with is displayed below.


All the features remain however are laid out in a cleaner view.

   When you receive the new update e-mail there will be one button that leads you to the web page.

The 'Quick Update' has been replaced with 'Update my progress'. 

See e-mail below:


The e-mail provides the number of projects that require your attention.  If there are more than 5 projects it will display '5 and more...'

 "Update my progress' will lead you straight to the web page.


In the web page you can toggle to 'Are you on track' (as in the previous e-mail - 'My Progress is According to Plan').  In addition you can add notes directly in the table by clicking on the paper and pencil.  By removing the notes column we maintained the information and leave you with a cleaner view.





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