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Continuing to enhance our financial planning features, we now help you keep track of your project financials and keep the work plan and financial plan harmonized.  When managing the financial plan, you won't always be paying close attention to manually set budget fields from your work plan. We flag for you any manually set values in your plan which can override your financial plan.

The indicators show both in the Workplan section of the Financial Planning view and on the relevant column headers. Depending on which columns you are showing on the time phases, you might not see all the column header indicators.

Work Plan fields 
Budgeted Cost or Fixed Cost Expected Revenue or Fixed Price Actual Cost Actual Revenue
Show indicators in
Financial Planning fields
Budget Cost Budget Revenue Actual Cost Actual Revenue





Accurate monitoring of financial allocations.  

This provides a warning indicator allowing you to review and determine if any changes need to be made. Note: you may want to expose the work plan to a customer, but manage the financials internally in which case you'll want to track any potential discrepancies, but not "resolve" them. 




How it works

As soon as there is a discrepancy in financial allocation, you will see an indicator icon in the work plan section of the page as well as a "manually set" icon at the top of the corresponding column on the time phases.  Hover over the icon and you will reveal a warning that explains the discrepancy.



Work Plan indicator




Time Phase indicator

Hovering over the indicator will give you detail of what the Manually Set value is and what effect it has on the corresponding Financial Planning field.




Multi-Currency projects

If you are managing multi-currency projects, the amount shown is the amount you have manually entered in the work plan.


Your work item's Cost Currency Type is USD, and Revenue Currency Type is EUR, but the Fixed Cost has been set as 1000 GBP. The amount shown in the indicator will be 1000 GBP. 


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