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Getting business critical system to properly communicate is simple in practice but can present a number of challenges from event driven syncs to data mapping. Clarizen’s iHub architecture was built to be handle the core requirements and also provide the customer with flexibility to support their specific workflow.

Clarizen’s Jira integration comes out of the box with best practice mappings and events so you can hit the ground running. The Clarizen integration with JIRA has been developed to support a variety of use cases to allow Clarizen customers configure the integration between the two systems in a way that better fits their business needs.

One of the main use cases is to support the ability to manage cross-functional projects, where the detailed R&D part of the project is managed by developers in JIRA, and the effort and status updates are synchronized back into Clarizen. Project managers, executives or any other stakeholders are provided with a clear view of the entire product launch, regardless of whether part of it follows Agile methodologies (the R&D part), or the traditional ‘waterfall’ practices.


For more information on the Jira Integration, please review the webinar we recently held as it goes through the value drivers and technical aspects of the integration:



For more technical information, please visit our Jira integration documentation in our success site:




* Getting started PS package required

Additional changes to Best Practices, though easy, should be done carefully. It’s recommended you contact your Clarizen Customer Success Manager if you wish to update or create your own mappings.

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