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Delivering customer facing projects is a complicated effort for organizations in order to keep the entire team up to date and provide them the tools necessary to propagate data across the business critical systems they are using all while focusing on custom satisfaction. Account executives need to notify project teams for new business and see project plans. Support teams should be able to flag and escalate tickets to the product or project teams. Management needs accurate KPI information based on the data generated by either system.

The following are some of the key benefits relating to sales automation, project execution and collaboration when integrating Salesforce with Clarizen:


Sales Automation

  1. Better forecasting capabilities with automatic creation of projects from opportunities
  2. Allows professional services and customer success teams to view their upcoming pipeline, prioritize and make decisions that better impact the business bottom line
  3. KPI measurement for success:
  4. Resource utilization — Ensuring that the right people are staffed on the right projects bringing more projects to successful completion
  5. Execution updates in sales tool


Project Execution:

  1. Real-time updates on project progress directly in Salesforce
  2. Account executives have the ability to take action on customer updates and accounting
  3. Full visibility into customer revenue recognition stream via milestones/work packages process and progress
  4. KPI measurement for success: Customer satisfaction
  5. Account executives gain visibility into project execution/onboarding progress and can react, thereby increasing customer satisfaction
  6. Real-time team collaboration



  1. Account executives and execution teams can seamlessly collaborate and react to changes in real-time
  2. Professional services and customer success teams can instantly alert account executives to new opportunities based on past experiences
  3. KPI measurement for success: Increase sales
  4. Cross system collaboration allows for improved sales operation with the added value of scoping out new opportunities


Clarizen's Salesforce integration comes with a list of best practices allowing teams to get started using some common workflows. The best practices includes mappings and triggers for converting an opportunity and it's related products into Clarizen projects and syncing account records and related contacts. 


For a more in depth technical review of the integration, please visit our documentation here:


* Getting started PS package required

Additional changes to Best Practices, though easy, should be done carefully. It’s recommended you contact your Clarizen Customer Success Manager if you wish to update or create your own mappings.

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