For most using timesheets, it’s crucial that this data is provided as accurately and timely as possible so you can have accurate progress, utilization and cost metrics. That means, we need end users to have an easy experience getting data into the system instead of fighting it to do what they need. It needs to be painless.

As an admin, it’s suggested to encourage the use of the mobile application for time entry as users find it convenient and easy to use. They can also update conversations and get task information.  Visit the Mobile best practice article for more information.

The following are recommendations on how to setup timesheets to make it more engaging for your end users.

Admin Steps:
  1. Turn on Timesheets: Settings → Profiles → Master → Timesheet → Toggle On
  2. System Settings for TimeSheet:
  3. Setting 13.8: Enable auto-submit and approve
  4. Setting 7.6  : Enable actual effort updated from timesheet to enforce timesheet usage
  5. Setting 12.1: Set Progress reporting to “Send Reminder”



For existing customers, or those that have active project templates, it’s best to check where your reportable flags are and whether or not you want to enforce “Actual Effort Updated from Timesheets”

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