Project Visibility

Intended Role: Project Manager

New Projects

Various aspects of a project, be it a particular task or milestone, may require collaboration from your customer. Clarizen’s External Collaborator solution provides an easy way to control what parts of the project plan are visible to your customer and what fields of data are accessible to them.

Customers with external collaborator access can log into their portal and see a list of the projects they are active participants in and even drill down to see the work breakdown. Furthermore, privacy is maintained in regards to internal tasks and milestones, which will not be visible or searchable.

Once a project has been created, the project manager should control visibility to certain tasks and milestones by leveraging the Visible to customers toggle.

Admin Steps:

The External Collaborator application includes a custom field at the work item level named Visible to customers. A Work Plan View should be created that exposes this field so that the project manager can explicitly choose which items should be visible to the customer.

  1. Ensure to restrict this view to only the Profiles that should be allowed to modify the project plan (as dictated by your organization)
  2. In Manage Columns, add the Visible to customers field to the list of selected columns.

End User Steps:

  1. Click on or find your newly created project.
  2. Switch the the appropriate Work Plan View as set up by your administrator
  3. In the Visible to customers column, toggle the checkbox to true for items that should be visible to your customer collaborator.
  4. Assign your customer collaborator as a resource in the Resources field.




Saving Templates

Over time, as your organization’s project managers begin to leverage External Collaborator to execute various parts of a project plan with customers, it may be valuable to define professional services templates that have the flags automatically set so your team doesn’t have to apply the same settings over and over. These templates ensure consistency in regards to the tasks and milestones that need to be executed.

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