Project Execution

Intended Role: Customer Collaborator

Once project tasks have been assigned to an external collaborator, they will be able to log into Clarizen and view as well as update the status these tasks. This ensures that project execution continues to move along at an efficient pace, without the need for multiple emails to communicate the status.

View and Update Projects

Projects where the customer collaborator has been explicitly assigned tasks will be visible in their portal upon logging into Clarizen. From here, customer collaborators can view and update status of tasks.

Admin Steps:

The External Collaborator application includes an External Collaborator View at both the Project module and item level. Customer collaborators are automatically assigned to the Customer profile where these views are defaulted for projects. If the customer collaborator user is not able to log in or see the Projects panel and/or access these views, check the following:

  1. In Customer Details, the user is added as a contact with the correct Email
  2. In Customer Details, the Invite to portal field is checked
  3. Search for the collaborator user and confirm that they are assigned to the Customer profile
  4. In the Customer profile, check that the External Collaborator View is assigned at both the Project module and item level.

End User Steps:

  1. Log in to Clarizen
  2. In the Projects panel, find and click on a single project
  3. In the Projects Details view, update % Complete on assigned task (customer collaborator tasks are color-coded as green).


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