Installing Clarizen Workbot

Note: Clarizen Workbot is currently available only through limited release. If you are interested in test driving the integration, please contact your Clarizen Administrator or Customer Success Manager to get onto the queue.

  1. To Add Clarizen Workbot, the Clarizen administrator needs to allow access
    1. Go to the Settings > Extensions > Connected 3rd Party Apps
    2. Click Allow access on Clarizen Workbot
  2. Add Clarizen Workbot to your slack team
    1. Go to
    2. Click the “add to slack” button, which will start the installation of Clarizen Workbot to your Slack team. You will see the following authorization page:
    3. Click Authorize to let @Clarizen join your Slack team.
  3. Return to your Slack team
    1. Clarizen Workbot will provide additional instructions on how to link to your Clarizen account
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