Financial Planning - Save Non-Labor in Project Templates

What's New?

To enhance standardization and save users adding non-Labor for each new project you may now save the  Non-Labor resources (NLRs) within your project templates.


Templates are a great way to promote best practices, to make project creation more efficient and standardized reporting simpler. You can save resources, documents and more in Project Templates:  So now we have simplified the use of Non-Labor by allowing you to save the Non-Labor Resources in Project Template. When you save the Non-Labor in empty Projects this assists with project estimates.

Please note: The linkage of the Non-Labor resource to the task or project is saved, the time-phase amounts are not currently saved in the template.

How it works


As shown in the figure above, when adding a new project you are presented with a number of options to include in a template.  The Non-Labor Resources  have now been added to this list giving you control over whether to utilize them.


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