Retain Column Width

What's New?

A minor, but high-impact usability update which preserves column widths on Dashboards and Reports, even after adding or removing fields, to allow improved shared Report & Dashboard management.



  1. When sharing Reports and Dashboards with Executive users, you can pre-configure the relative column widths to save each user from adjusting themselves.
  2. Consistent placement and sizing of dashboard and report columns once you've resized them to fit your screen & report. 


How it works


  1. Create a report or dashboard and run it 
  2. From view mode, adjust the columns to the desired widths
  3. Enter edit mode and choose "Import Changes" when offered
  4. Save
  5. It will be available for all users and widget viewers (if you have shared the report/dashboad as a widget)


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    Heather Clark

    Does this also apply to grid views of different modules (I.E. when you are creating a view in a particular module, like Projects or TimeSheets or Tasks)?

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    Shelley Hen

    Sorry for the delay in my response,
    Yes, it does also apply to views.