Enhancements to the Resource Utilization report

The Resource Utilization report gives you increased visibility of your team’s performance and ensures ROI of your deployed resources by comparing billable vs. non-billable work and target utilization vs. actuals.  

In this release, the report will now include planned Task Assignment and Project Assignment fields, allowing you to compare your target utilization to both your planned and actual work.  

Additionally, you can now select what fields you would like to see in the Resource Utilization report, allowing you to configure the report to your needs.  Column selection can be done prior to running the report using the new "Edit Columns" button in the ribbon.  

You can choose fields from Project and Task assignment, actuals from timesheets, and capacity from calendar, in addition to custom categories such as PTO or internal projects.  Categories, including custom ones, can be set on the Work Item level for better management and reporting.

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    Sarah Ottey

    Is it possible to schedule the export and email of the "Resource Utilization Performance Report"? We have stakeholders who would like to review this on a weekly basis and I cannot find a way to distribute.

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    Christiaan Lok

    Is there any plan to allow these types of reports to be presented/viewable "within" Clarizen instead of being exported to Excel?