Financial Planning - Usability Enhancements

What's New 

Financial Plannning view gets some important usability improvements with: 


  1. Time Phase Date Range are contextual Work Item 
  2. Start and Due Date labels
  3. Labor Snapshot details and refresh button
  4. View column picker 
  5. Labor Budget indicator




Financial Planning users will now find it easier to decide where to add planned costs, when labor budget was last calculated.   


How it works

Date Range picker improvements

1. Default Date Range for the Time Phases is based on the Work Item time frame (rather than Project time frame)

2. Date Range picker is now located to right of the screen. 





Work Item Start and Due Dates are displayed





Labor Budget calculations

1. Refresh button is more prominent

2. Snapshot date & time is now displayed on screen




View Editor Move

1. Summary Mode is moved

2. Labor Budget setting is also displayed 






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