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Clarizen iHub Adminstrators with the following integrations:

  • Salesforce
  • JIRA
  • Intacct




As part of sync operations, iHub can create new items on the non-Clarizen systems or in Clarizen, according to the mappings that your organization's Administrator configured in the Mappings & Events screen.


iHub and many other synchronization systems use a pre-defined mapping between the 2 systems using a “key” field that is present on both sides of the syncing systems.

In Clarizen iHub you can configure this in the Object Mapping section.  



As iHub can create new items the key field may only be present on one side of the sync until the new corresponding item has been created.


iHub’s default mode of operation assumed that both systems were in sync and therefore new items that needed to be created could be done so. However, there were certain scenarios (commonly during setup or migrations) where duplicate items could be created, which caused manual work for Administrators who had to de-duplicate records. 



New Functionality: Duplicate Item Protection

Duplicate item protection uses the keys specified in the mapping to identify existing items during the sync process. If the sync process finds a duplicate item an error message will be shown in the iHub Logs tab and the sync for that item will fail.


Duplicate Item Protection was previously only applied during creation of new items as part of the “Referenced Item” scenario. This has been extended to other sync scenarios.


Sync Scenario


Example Use Case


Create New Items in Clarizen

Create new Clarizen Project when a new Salesforce Opportunity is created

Referenced Item

Sync New Item, and if a field references another item (e.g. Task Owner) which doesn’t exist in the target system, create and sync that too.  

Create a new Clarizen Issue when a JIRA Issues is created. And if the JIRA Issue’s Assigned User does not exist in Clarizen, create them too to reference them as Assigned To in Clarizen.

Related Items

Create new related items and sync to Clarizen

Create Salesforce Milestones per Opportunity Product and Sync them to new Clarizen Milestones

Sync Registry Import

Set up User Mapping for Users who already exist on both systems

After using Clarizen and Salesforce separately you start using iHub to link both systems. 200 User records exist on both sides and you want to link them using an email address as the key so they sync correctly.






What’s New

  • An Error Message will now be displayed when encountering potential duplications. Admins will need to remediate any issues such as: change the key, or linking to an existing object manually (from Clarizen to JIRA, or from Salesforce to Clarizen).
  • Sync Registry Importing – Admins only need to set one side of IDs and the mapping to be used. iHub will handle the matching and, if no match found, will create a new item (normally users).
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