Admins can see all Reports and Dashboards


Any full-licensed user can create Reports, Dashboards and Views which can be shared with anybody else in the organization.


As organizations mature and evolve with their Clarizen use, they may change the data  they wish to track and Admins can be tasked with updating Reports and Dashboards to reduce clutter. Sometimes they may want to remove fields altogether to free up custom fields, or change field types.


When the Report or Dashboard Owner is no longer available (long vacations, organizational change, maternity/paternity leave etc...) and has not reassigned the Reports or Dashboards that they've created, there was no simple option for Admins to make changes to the view/report. Also, as custom fields that are in use by a Report or Dashboard cannot be deleted this results in additional Administration work.


What's New 

In a previous release we started automatically adding Admins to all new Report and Dashboards.

Now, all existing reports and dashboards have the 'Administrator' group added with Editor permissions. 

For long term maintenance reasons, we have removed the possibility to remove this group (for both existing and new reports and dashboards). 



Admins are now able to better manage popular Reports and Dashboards whose owners are no longer around.

Additionally, Admins who are looking to remove old data fields and replace them with new ones, can easily access legacy Reports and Dashboards which are referencing them, preventing easy deletion.


How it works

This change automatically applies the default behavior to older Reports and Dashboards.

You do not need to do anything to enable this functionality. 




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    This is great!

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