"Date Range" filter integrated in new Filter manager area

What's New?

As part of Summer '17 release we introduced an improvement to view filters which helped users understand which filters were active on a view.

This release unites the Date Range filter into the view's Filter manager window.

Additionally the "All Time" filter is removed, instead you simply set no Date Range filter.


Note: this change affects most Module views and Project Work Plan.

Views not affected by this update are:

  1. Timesheet
  2. Approvals - Timesheet Tab
  3. Resource Load


A single place to configure all filters for the view makes it easier for users to understand what is being displayed. 


How it works

This is a display usability change only. You do not need to make any changes and all View filters are preserved.


The Date Range filter is now in the View Filter panel. 


Previous Layout



New Layout



Date Range section

Date Range is now accessed via Filter management 




Which Items are included in a Date Range?


Item Type Date Range calculation

Reported Date (From < Reported Date < To)


Issues, Risks, Requests and Bugs

Created date   (From <  Created Date  < To).

Work Items

Projects, Milestones and Tasks

Where ONE of the conditions is true:

1. Start date < To


2. End Date > From

To Do Tasks

Tasks with no Project & no automatic scheduling

    1. If the Task has a user-defined Start Date and End Date then it behaves the same as Work Items. 
  1. If not, show To Do Tasks only if the view Date Range contains "Today" in it. This is all Date Range options apart from: Next Week, Next Month, Next Quarter, Next Year and Custom Data Range that does not contain Today's date)





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  • Avatar
    Cara Bickford

    What is the date range based off of? Due date or Created on date or something else?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    We've added a section at the end with detail.