Plan Non-Labor financials at quarter and year time frames

What's New?

A new option to edit Non-Labor Resource amounts for quarterly and yearly resolutions lets you distribute amounts equally across the project months, saving you time and effort when managing large project financials and multi-year project estimates.


In addition, 2 new finance-related fields Financial Start and Financial End allow you to define the permitted financial timeframe for each work item. These fields are also preparation for an upcoming feature allowing rescheduling of financial plans. 



For faster financial plan creation you can now add and edit non-labor Budget and Actual amounts at quarter or year resolution, and have the amount spread equally across the financial time frame ("Peanut Butter Spreading"). This removes the need to add or edit on a month-by-month basis for large projects.


The new Financial Start and Financial End fields allow you to manage and align the project financial period, and make sure amounts are added only within this timeframe.


How it works

  1. 2 new fields, Financial Start and Financial End have been added to each work item. With these fields you can set the financial start and end date offsets in months. These fields are relative to work item dates, and by default are set to 0, which makes them the same as the work item months. As these fields represent a relative offset of the work item dates, and not fixed, they are always aligned with the project even when shifting dates.
  2. Quarter and year are now open for editing, allowing a quick and scalable way of dividing the amounts into the months of the financial timeframe. When adding or editing amounts for a quarter, the amount will be evenly spread across months within the financial start and end dates, rather than being based on the calendar months.
  3. Backwards compatibility
    There is no option to add amounts outside the Financial timeframe, however, if you already have amounts there, they will not be deleted.


Example (with partial quarter timeframe)

Your project's financial dates run from February thru August, so that the project does not run over full calendar Q1 and Q3.

When switching to quarter view, the view will display Q1, Q2, Q3.

Add $3000 for each Quarter, and the financials will be distributed as follows:

  1. February and March each show $1500 (i.e. 3000/ 2)
  2. April, May and June now have $1000 each  (i.e. 3000/ 3)
  3. July and August each have $1500 (i.e. 3000/ 2)


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