Program Management

What's New?

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A native Program object, a home for Program Managers that is a top level container for Projects, with additional capabilities for visibility and reporting.


Program Roadmap showing Projects




Program is a home for Program Managers, and is the basis for simpler organization of your program data and integrated program reporting. 


Program gives Program Managers an integrated view of their Program rolling up from sub-projects and their sub-items (tasks, milestones):

  1. Requests (Aggregated)
  2. Issues (Aggregated)
  3. Risks (Aggregated)
  4. Bugs (Aggregated)
  5. Files (Aggregated)
  6. Resources 
  7. Program-specific Property card and native fields


Program Property Card with aggregated Files, Requests and Risks




Program also includes:

  1. A special roadmap which shows sub-projects. 
  2. Program Gantt
  3. Program Financial Planning
  4. Program-centric Resource Load 
  5. A Program Manager role for Projects


How it works

Program is a top-level work item with it's own module.


Program Module with List view



A Program is a top level item above Projects, where Projects can live under a single Program. 

As Program is a separate object type from Project and can have its own set of fields, there is no automatic way to change type from Project to Program. This is to ensure no unintentional loss of data. Consider creating a custom action to migrate large quantities of Projects to Programs in a uniform way.


To simplify reporting and navigation we've added some new fields and references

Program reference from Projects (and their sub projects)

Program Manager role for Projects filtering and permissions

Managing visibility, permissions and reporting of enterprise work is greatly simplified when combined with the Permission Access Roles feature Cases Inherit from Work Items.   




Other Changes

As part of this update, Cases (Issues, Risks, Requests & Bugs) can be directly linked to Programs. The Cases' "Resolved In Project" field has been relabelled "Resolved In". As the field's API name is unchanged, existing functionality & integrations is unaffected.

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  • Avatar
    Jim Hammer

    Will the program functionality provide a combined roadmap similar to using the portfolio functionality currently?

  • Avatar
    Arnon Yaffe

    Per my existing programs, currently implemented as top level project, can I convert the top project to the new program entity?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Jim - Program provides a combined Roadmap. The addition here is the ability to see sub Projects due dates on the top level Roadmap, which was not previously possible.
    Additionally, for Program level Roadmap we have removed the ability to do some lesser-known operations on the Roadmap such as drag and drop of milestones to reschedule, adding notes to Roadmap. You can still do those actions from Project level, but in my experience, very few people work like that directly in the Roadmap.

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Hi Arnon - as currently Program custom fields are stored together with with Project fields we didn't feel we could make hard assumptions about what should be moved/ not moved if we were to support Change Type.
    As this conversion/ data migration is going to be a one-off for most people, we think that having Customer Success spend a few mins with Admins to put together a tactical Custom Action to move across the relevant field values (or put them in new ones) was a the best solution that would allow full and completely configurable control of the process by Customers.
    You'd create a new item: Program, set the fields and then move the sub Projects.
    When you're all done and reports and workflows are running as expected, you can just delete the old top-level project.
    We'll publish a short article and a reference app for this.

  • Avatar
    Arnon Yaffe

    OK, makes sense.
    Awaiting Support to grant me access to "Programs" and then I'll take it from there

  • Avatar
    Mike Zozulia

    How does a program relate to portfolios? In our instance, we have portfolios set up that contain all of the projects within that portfolio. Are we able to add programs inside to an existing portfolio?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Hi Mike - please have a look at the section on the linked page to help you decide whether using Programs is a good fit for you at this point in time.

  • Avatar
    Arnon Yaffe


    I see that a program doesn't have milestones....very problematic.....
    Either allow to create Program Level Milestones or even better allow program level short cuts to project level milestones.

    Either way, a Program must be able to show program level milestones.


  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Hi Arnon - thanks for the great feedback. We will add this to our change requests list and see what traction this gets from other customers.
    In the meantime you may be able to get what you need in a different format via Reports and Dashboards.