Support for "Multi Select Picklist" fields

Clarizen's Excel Import feature allows you to import your data directly from MS Excel, allowing you to quickly add new Cases, Work Items, People, Customers, or Groups into Clarizen. The feature can be enabled by your Clarizen Admin in the "Labs" section of the System Settings, and, once enabled, will add a new "Import" button to the ribbon.

This release includes new enhancements to the import allowing you to now update values of "Multi Select Picklist" fields.  For example, if you have a custom picklist field that indicates the "Cost Center" for a given project, you can now update that field's value directly from the Import from Excel functionality.  

This can be done by simply adding the relevant column header (using the field's display name) and placing the relevant picklist values, each separated by a comma. Please note that you can add or remove field values to existing items, or add new items into the system with the relevant values.

This is just one of many great enhancements added to the Import from Excel feature set, which is slated to go live for all accounts later this year. Once uploaded into Clarizen, you can make any changes needed prior to committing to the import process.





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