Information-rich Project Overview

The Information-rich Project Overview field is a powerful addition to Clarizen which will bring your project views alive with color and rich formatting options.


History Lesson

First a bit of background. Prior to this release Rich Text and formatting could be done in Notes, Emails, and Discussion Posts. Discussion Posts also let you paste in images and use @mentions and #references. If you wanted still more detail and formatting you could always attach a document and, if you wanted to work online on the document, you could do so on a Google Doc, or Sharepoint Word Document. So far so good. When you have many posts, notes or documents it can get more complex to get a quick synthesized overview of the project. The Overall Summary and Description fields are plain text, but people often want more structure and format options.


Enter the Information-rich Overview

One of the great strengths of Clarizen is the ability to keep a consistent structure in your data for scalable reporting, together with a highly flexible layout that you can tailor to your organization. Today, this changes (in a good way, and only if you want)!


Overview brings rich text, tables, embedded images, multiple text sizes and hyperlinks into the Property Card allowing you to mix standard structured Clarizen data such as Project KPIs (status indicators, costs, revenue), structured data points (project types, project manager, sponsor etc..) alongside richly formatted text of your design.  Think of it like a wiki: it’s open to free editing with internal structure of your choosing, but not what you’d expect to put in a report grid, an Excel export, or a Microsoft Project export. This is the design principle here.



Sounds amazing! How can I get it?

You’ll need an Admin to set this up in your organization.

Through Settings> Profiles the Overview field can added to the Property Card to any:

  • Work Item: Project, Milestone, Task
  • Case: Risk, Issue, Request, Bug
  • Customer

As each item type has its own layout you have total control over which have an Overview field and which should not.


Where can I see it?

Property Card only. Remember, it’s like a homepage/ wiki.


Who can edit the Overview?

If you are an Owner of the item (or Project Manager, or Super User), you can write.

Anyone else who can see the property card (Assigned Resources, Reviewers) can also see the Overview in the Property Card.


How should I use it?

Whatever gives you the most value to display centrally.


Anything else I should know?

You can:

  • search the content using Global Search (Navigation bar)
  • embed the widget into another system, such as a Sharepoint homepage or a Confluence page (Learn more here)


You can’t currently:

  • edit the Overview with workflow. That might change in the future.
  • print the Overview field directly.
  • link to embedded images from elsewhere.
  • export the field into a document using Document Publisher
  • sync the content of the Overview to Salesforce, JIRA, Netsuite, Excel via API



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  • Avatar
    Scott Cole

    This is great! Where's the tutorial link for embedding in a Confluence page? Is the guidance just creating a widget of the Project Detail page with the Overview showing, or something new/different?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Here' s the link to the tutorial, but this part is not new functionality, just more relevant with the Overview.

  • Avatar
    Ariel Rak

    this is interesting - by saying "property card only" I presume this means it can't be reported on or used in dashboard?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    That is correct. It cannot currently be reported on or used in a dashboard.

  • Avatar
    Nathan Dawson

    So since it isn't usable in workflow I assume that means we cannot load data into it with the data loader or excel import tool yet? Will this be added in the future?

  • Avatar
    Shelley Hen

    Correct, this currently cannot be used in a workflow or data loader. We are looking at the effort and implications around adding it, but no ETA yet.

  • Avatar
    Chais Lazarescu

    I'm trying to link my Clarizen project to the Salesforce project but the field is hidden at the top of my project dashboard within Clarizen. Does anyone know how I unhide this field?

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Chais - are you trying to sync the Overview field to Salesforce? Please note the last limitation listed above:
    You can’t currently:
    * sync the content of the Overview to Salesforce, JIRA, Netsuite, Excel via API

  • Avatar
    Chais Lazarescu

    Hi David,

    Currently, other Project Managers within my company have a button at the top of their project dashboard that allows them to navigate to the same project in Sales Force. I'm not sure why I don't have that button. I'm thinking there is a way to add it within the configuration but I'm not quite sure how.

  • Avatar
    David Goulden

    Chais - you'll need to open a support ticket or discuss this with your customer success manager. This sounds like a Profiles issue and seems to be unrelated to this article on the new Overview field.

  • Avatar
    Chais Lazarescu

    Will do. Thanks David!

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