Updating the File Viewer and Annotation Capabilities in Clarizen

Box Inc., the provider Clarizen uses for viewing and annotating files, made a decision to discontinue Crocodoc, the service that we currently use. The ‘end of life’ date for Crocodoc is January 15, 2018.

As a result, we will migrate our integration to support the new Box View, and will continue to support file viewing and annotations in Clarizen. The new Box view will be available from January 7th.

When is the migration?

The migration period will begin on Wednesday January 3rd, 8PM PST and will end on Monday January 8th, 8AM PST.

During this period you should not annotate any files as the annotations will not be saved, however you will still be able to view your files. 

What will happen to my annotated files?

We’ll backup all your previously annotated files. Files with annotations will be backed up in PDF format, and so you won’t be able to edit or remove existing annotations as they are embedded (burned) into the PDF. However, you will be able to add new annotations to these files.

To make your annotated PDF files available in Clarizen, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support. The PDF files will only be accessible upon request

What will I see after the migration?

Since Crocodoc does not provide a way to identify annotated files, we will create a PDF version of all the files you viewed via the Crocodoc file viewer, whether or not they include annotations.

If you requested PDF files, they will be uploaded to Clarizen, and will appear alongside your original files. The PDF files will be renamed using the original name and the suffix. For example, a Word file with the name myfile.docx, a PDF with annotations will be created with the name myfile (annotated).pdf

Will the additional PDF files affect my available storage in Clarizen?

Your available storage will be increased to accommodate the additional files.

Will the addition of the PDF files trigger workflow rules?


About the New Box View

Which file types are supported in the new Box View?

The new Box View supports viewing over 120 different file formats for documents, image, audio and video files, and with improved loading times.

What types of annotations can I use in the new Box View?

The new Box View offers two types of annotations:

  • Comments - allow you to select an area in a file, and add a text comment. Multiple comments can be added and viewed by multiple users.
  • Highlights - Allow you to place a transparent yellow overlay on selected text, and add a text comment to the highlight.

Additional features include options to print the file, and to download the file from within the viewer.

Some of the annotation capabilities supported by Crocodoc, like drawing, adding text and strikethroughs, are currently not supported with the new Box View. We’re working with Box to understand whether they plan to support these annotations in the future.

Click here to see how Box View works

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    Cândida Rocha


    I had been waiting for today, the last day "of life" for Crocodoc, to be sure that some how my issue could be fixed these days, but it still remains as before.... using IE (browser) for an attached image (.gif), Preview is not loaded (like for example in Chrome or Firefox)! :(

    Any special remark/hint for IE to get it work?

    Thank you in advance.