Work Plan Grid - Improved Functionality

As part of the ongoing process to improve the user experience, we've made some improvements in the Work Plan grid. Let's look at what's changed.  

Copying and Pasting Work Items

Know exactly where you're copying to, by pasting items exactly below or above a selected Work Item.
The existing Paste action has been split into two actions - Paste Above which works like the existing Paste option, and inserts the copied item before the selected item, and a new Paste Below option that lets you paste the item after the selected item.

When copying a project or a milestone, and pasting below a selected item, the item will be pasted under the selected item's parent project.

When copying a task or a shortcut, and pasting below a selected item, the item will be pasted on the same level of the selected item, or as the first item when pasting below a parent item. For example, a task will be pasted directly under a selected target task, whereas pasting a task under a milestone will paste the task under the milestone as the first task.

Using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V will paste the item above, just as before.



Sorting Columns 

To avoid confusion and unintended sorting, we canceled the ability to sort the work plan by clicking on the column header.

To sort a column, you now have to click on the arrow in the column header to open the sorting options.



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