A New File Viewer for Viewing and Annotating Files

What's New

Box Inc., the provider Clarizen used for viewing and annotating files, made a decision to discontinue Crocodoc, the service that we used until now. As of this release, we are using a new File viewer from Box Inc., called Box View.

How It Works

The new Box View supports viewing over 120 different file formats for documents, image, audio and video files, and with improved loading times.

Box View offers two types of annotations:

  • Comments - allow you to select an area in a file, and add a text comment. Multiple comments can be added and viewed by multiple users.
  • Highlights - Allow you to place a transparent yellow overlay on selected text, and add a text comment to the highlight.

Additional features include options to print the file, and to download the file from within the viewer.

Some of the annotation capabilities supported by Crocodoc, like drawing, adding text and strikethroughs, are currently not supported with the new Box View. We’re working with Box to understand whether they plan to support these annotations in the future.

Click here to see how Box View works

What will happen to my previously annotated files?

We are backing up all your previously annotated files. Files with annotations are being backed up in PDF format, and therefore you will not be able to edit or remove existing annotations as they are embedded (burned) into the PDF. However, you will be able to add new annotations to these files.

To make your annotated PDF files available in Clarizen, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support. The PDF files will only be accessible upon request



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