Today, IT organizations are responsible for delivering both projects and small work that originate from many different areas of the business. Clarizen can help manage this process effectively by aggregating all of the data, files, and communication in one place making it easy to manage the different stages (submission, scoring, prioritization, routing and approval) of the request process. Clarizen’s automation will also reduce manual work by automating laborious tasks such as sending notifications and converting requests into either a project or small work (tasks).


The roles encompassing the request intake process include the requester, demand management team member and sponsor. Each play a vital role in moving the request along its lifecycle. The best practices below describe how organizations can leverage Clarizen to streamline the process, ensuring each role has clearly defined actions and the relevant information to execute.



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DISCLAIMER: Making changes to these configurations will take them outside the scope of standard support. Please contact your CSM prior to making any changes in Settings and Mapping and Events.

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