Manage approvals of requests

Intended Role: Sponsor

As the sponsor of an IT team, I need to be able to easily approve, reject or hold a discussion on a request that I am responsible for. This process should be easy, painless and intuitive


Routing & Approval


Once scoring and prioritization have been completed, the request should be routed to the sponsor for approval. In the request details view, sponsors can evaluate request details, scoring and supporting documentation. Additionally, all discussions that have taken place in context of the request can be seen. Clarizen’s ability to present this information in a single, holistic view ensures an efficient routing and approval process.


Admin Steps:

The best practice application includes a “My Approvalsview in the request module. Edit/update the view to fit the needs of your organization.


  1. Restrict sharing to only the Profiles that should be allowed to approve requests (e.g. business sponsor).
  2. The view only returns requests in the In Review request state.
  3. Clarizen views can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. In this case, providing the information necessary for the business sponsor to make an approval decision.
  4. In the Property Card, display the fields below (if these fields do not already exist in your organization, they will need to be created as custom request fields):
    1. Title - title of the request
    2. Request State - the current state of the request (Submitted, In Review, etc.)
    3. Approve - toggle allowing the sponsor to approve the request once reviewed
    4. Description - short description of the project being requested
    5. Project Goals - what goals is the project trying to accomplish?
    6. Expected Business Value - what business value will the project bring?
    7. Business Alignment - does the project align to the organization’s business objectives?
    8. Justification - describe the overall justification for executing this project
    9. Identified Risks - list all identified risks associated to the undertaking of the requested project
    10. Estimated Cost - how much will the requested project cost the organization?
    11. Request Score1 - numeric score total of the following: Strategic Alignment, Organizational Impact, Competitive Advantage, Customer Satisfaction and Ease of Implementation.
    12. Strategic Value - strategic alignment score
    13. Organizational Impact - organizational impact score
    14. Ease of Completion - ease of implementation score

1 Request Score is a numeric formula field and represents the average of all scoring fields

* Fields 12 through 14 are picklist with the following values (1= no impact, 2 = some impact, 3 = impact , 4 = high impact)


End User Steps:

  1. From the navigation panel, select the Requests module.
  2. If this is the first time accessing the My Approvals view, you may need to explicitly choose this view using the View Navigator.
    1. In the top left corner, select the current view to open the View Navigator.
    2. Select the My Approvals view from the View Navigator.
  3. Based on the request info provided by the submitter, make a decision to approve or reject.
    1. If more information is needed, leverage discussions to initiate dialog towards clarifying any open questions.
  4. Click the “Approve” Request Action to approve, reject or request more information.





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