Let’s just say we get it and we’re here to help! There’s always more work and not enough bodies around to do it all. Every organization and team is constantly managing the priority of work against its limited resource pool. And to further complicate things, every group does this in a slightly unique way as it pertains to their business process. Some may want to simply identify resources at a high level that will work on a project and others may need to assign resources to tasks along with a formal request process. Some assign resources out of a centralized resourcing group while for others this function is more decentralized.


This best practice is meant to cover resourcing activities we encounter the most and how to manage them effectively. It will depend upon what you’re trying to accomplish and the constraints of your current team, which ultimately decides how you resource as a team.


For smaller teams, it’s recommended to take a higher level approach. This way, it’s easy to assign a project to resources without having to make detailed resource assignments. If you take this approach along with templates, you can really automate a lot of the project setup and spend more of your time making decisions.


For larger teams,  depending on how centralized or decentralized your resourcing decisions are made, you can take advantage of a number of out of the box tools, like skills, and simple applications to help manage your diverse resource pool. Use automation to enable group selection or have a formal resource request process.


As you read the following sections, take note of the sections that align to your current process.  Not everyone manages their human resources the same so some of these sections may not apply to you.


Lastly, having clear communication with your resources on what they are assigned to and any updates or changes will be handled via notifications, alerts and discussions so your resources are properly aligned with your process.

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