Identify initial need for Project Pool

Intended Role: Project Manager


At the initiation of a project, a major need of the project manager is locating the necessary resources to complete the project. At the start, a generic pool of resources should be defined so that the PM understands which roles have the largest amount of need and group leaders can help plan for project coming down the pipeline. Additionally, it will assist in determining if there are any resource constraints that may impact the project delivery date.

It’s recommended that you first assign placeholder resources as a way to let groups know what groups know you require work from their team.

Recommended implementation:

If your organization has a repeatable process, we recommend leveraging project templates in Clarizen to set pre-populated placeholder resources.

Admin Steps:

Create a project details view “Project Overviewview.

  1. Restrict sharing to only those Profiles that should be allowed to manage projects.
  2. The view ideally should be set up as a single column view
  3. Expose the following panels in order, Property Card, Roadmap, Work Plan, Resources, Discussions (Add any additional panels you may need)
  4. In the Resources panel, set the “Display As” to “Resource Planning”

Group Set Up

  1. Create the different groups that reflect your team
  2. Add placeholder resources to each group.
    1. To help discovery, we recommend using the $ in the name. So, if you are setting up a Security group, you would create a new user with the name “$Security”.
  3. Assign members to the group.
End User Steps:
  1. Access a project in the resource planning enabled view created above.
  2. If a template isn’t used, manually set the duration to include the time periods you wish to resource. So if you think this is going to be a 3 months project, either add 90 days or 3 months.
  3. Add placeholder resources to indicate which group or type of resource you need
  4. Set forecasted efforts in the time periods to the right of the resource. Hint: You can copy a past cell horizontally.
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