Resource balancing

Intended Role: Resource Manager


Once resources have been assigned to specific work items, resource managers constantly need to ensure individual resources are not overloaded. Leveraging Clarizen’s Resource Load module, resource managers can view load and availability for all individuals within their group. Furthermore, the Resource Load allows for real-time balancing through drag and drop to reassign work.

Admin Steps:

Add Resource Load to the Navigation Panel.

End User Steps:
  1. From the Navigation Panel, select the Resource Load module
  2. Click Groups I Manage (this entails that the Resource Load screen pulls into view all groups where you are the Direct Manager)
  3. In the gear icon, make sure you are in “Resource Load” (See image below)
  4. Select the following options (top left corner next to the gear icon). For a detailed description of the options available, see the Resource Load success article here.
    1. Set Grouping to “Groups”
    2. Set Effort View Type to “Planned Work”
    3. Set Load View Type to “Load”
    4. Set Units to “Hours”
    5. Set Time Frame to “Month”
  5. Expand hammock to see resources that belong to the group
  6. Expand hammock to see current projects assigned to each resource
  7. Take note of resources that can take are overloaded () and drag projects to other resources with availability
    1. (Hint: If you wish to have a conversation with the PM, it’s very easy to use the  feature, found when you hover your mouse, to create a discussion on that project)




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