Create Program, Project or portfolio-centric presentations using your organization’s corporate branding with data from Clarizen.

The Slide Publisher is an add-on in Excel, and with built-in templates or your own, it's easy to create slides with real-time data from Clarizen.

Templates can be created for Program, Project, or Customer as the main entity, in a single slide or with repeating slides for sub-projects.


  • Produce branded, executive-quality Microsoft Powerpoint presentations using your Clarizen data to share with executives and customers.
  • Using Slide Publisher's MS PowerPoint add-on, you can insert placeholder tags into any pre-designed Powerpoint presentation, which are replaced with real time Clarizen data every time you publish your Presentation.
  • Save time and effort creating documents manually.


  • Field - Any field from the Program or Project entity, including your custom fields.
  • List - Program/Project’s related items (such as risks or milestones), which can be presented in a table as a list of items and their selected properties.
  • Roadmap - An image of the project’s roadmap embedded in the slide.
  • Placeholder - A tag with the field name that is used as a placeholder to be replaced with actual values from Clarizen, once the presentation is generated.
  • Repeating/Single Slide
    • Single Slide allows you to bring data from the Program or Project level and its related items.
    • Repeating slides allows you to build a template for bringing in data from sub projects and creates unique slides accordingly.



Slide Publisher does not support:

  • Icons for picklist indications 
  • .tiff images
  • Relations of relations
  • Data for more than one level of project and sub project
  • Overview field 
  • Resource Utilization time-phased data
  • Financial Planning details or time-phased data




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