Upload and publish slide deck

Upload to Clarizen

  1. Once you have completed the template, save it to your computer.
  2. Upload the file to Clarizen (same as uploading any file to Clarizen).


Publish Slide


  1. Install the app (link to follow)
  2. In Clarizen, go to the project or portfolio you want to generate the PowerPoint off of.  
  3. Go to ‘Actions’ → ‘Publish Slides’.
  4. Select the relevant template file.
  5. Select whether to attach it to the project, attach and add a post and/or send via email.
  6. Click ‘Next’.
  7. Once the PowerPoint is ready, it will be downloaded and will be available.
  8. In Powerpoint, make any final formatting tweaks you need.


  • In case data could not be retrieved from Clarizen on publishing the slides (due to missing field for example), the PowerPoint will be published and instead of the data, ‘#N/A’ will appear.
  • In case Roadmap could not be retrieved from Clarizen on publishing the slide, an image with ‘unable to retrieve’ will appear instead of the actual roadmap.


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