Locate and assign resources to Project Pool

Intended Role: Resource Manager/Project Manager


Once a pool of resource need has been defined, it’s important to be able to easily identify suitable available resources so that you can fill the demand. You’ll want to be able to look across your resource pool, see overall capacity, and be able to compare current load to future demand.

Recommended implementation:

Open the resource load from the navigation panel or click “Resource Load” in a group or Work Item view. Leverage groups and placeholder resources to view load and demand across the team.

Admin Steps:

Add resource load to navigation panel

    1. Go to Settings → Profiles → Select Desired Profile
    2. Select Navigation
    3. Move “Resource Load” from the left to the right if it’s not already selected
    4. Verify “Resource Load” is available in the Profile’s action ribbon for Groups and Projects
    5. Go to Settings → Profiles → Select Desired Profile
    6. Select “Work Item” in menu
    7. Select Actions → Ribbon actions → Edit
    8. Verify Resource Load is available
    9. Repeat for “Projects” under Work Item
End User Steps:
  1. If in a project → select resource load
  2. In the upper left, verify you are in “Group” load. (See image below)
  3. In the gear icon, make sure you are in “Resource Planning” (See image below)
  4. Set Units to “Hours” (See image below)
  5. Lastly, make sure you are in “Project Planning” mode ( See image below )
  6. Expand hammock to see resources, taking note of total “Capacity” and “Project Assignment”
  7. Expand out the hammock for the placeholder resource to view all new demand
  8. Locate a resource that can take on that demand and drag project from the placeholder to the selected resource.
    1. (Hint: If you wish to have a conversation with the PM, it’s very easy to use the feature, found when you hover your mouse, to create a discussion on that project)

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  • Avatar
    Patrick Harrell

    Guess I'm getting old.
    Even at 200% magnification, I cannot clearly view the screenshot.

  • Avatar
    Customer Success

    You can see the image in a larger resolution by right clicking on the image and select "Open Image in New Tab"

  • Avatar
    Patrick Harrell

    Had to lookup "Hammock":
    A milestone (or Hammock) is typically used as a container of tasks to be completed in order to achieve the milestone’s goals (in terms of content and dates). This methodology enables an instant understanding of every milestone’s status,
    especially since it is reflected in the project's work items.

  • Avatar
    Heather Clark

    Even if you open in a new tab and magnify, it's still entirely too small to see clearly.

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