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Intended Role: Project Manager/Resource Manager



Once project work has been scoped and the resource pool has been staffed, individual resources can be assigned to specific work items. Clarizen offers a flexible and easy way to accomplish this using the Replace Resource functionality if you have placeholder resources assigned from a template.

Admin Steps:

If your organization has a repeatable process, the best practice is to leverage project templates in Clarizen to set pre-populated placeholder resources. This ensures that the project’s task dependencies, placeholder resource assignments and associated files are automatically created for new projects.

End User Steps:

Leveraging a template:


  1. Access a project,using a detailed view, that was created from a template (e.g. Project Overview).
  2. In the Work Plan Panel, highlight the project in the grid.
  3. Select Resourcing from the ribbon menu, then replace resource.
  4. In the Search for field, type in the placeholder resource.
  5. In the Replace with field, type in the identified resource staffed on this project specifically for the role matching the placeholder resource (e.g. Crystal Wright has a job title of Business Analyst and should be assigned to all work currently assigned to $SystemAnalyst).


Non-template projects

  1. Access a project using a detailed view (e.g. Project Overview).
  2. In the Work Plan Panel, highlight the task in the grid.
  3. If not visible, add the resource column in the work plan view by going  Gear Icon  → Columns → Resources
  4. Simply type the name of the resource(s) and select from auto filled suggestions.



Templated Projects

Non-templated Projects



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