Financial planning views

Financial Planning View

Financial Planning is a spreadsheet-like view that can be accessed from the Work Plan’s Resourcing tab. It is both a report and a workbench.  You will already notice UI improvements as there are ongoing efforts to make UI/UX enhancement to meet your needs.

Below you will notice the complete view:


To increase the view of your time-phase data, you can collapse the left panel:
For more information regarding the benefits of this enhancement please click here: Collapsible panel




Accessing Financial Planning view

Financial Planning is launched from a button in the Resourcing tab, which allows you to create a new dedicated view.   


Financial Planning view elements

The 4 main elements of the view are:

  1. Work Plan (WBS)
  2. Related Non-Labor Resources
  3. Time Periods (months)
  4. Project Summary Mode



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