Financial Planning Views

Financial Planning View

Financial Planning is a spreadsheet-like view that can be accessed as a Project Details view by users who have Financial Permissions

A Financial Planning view is both a report and a workbench.  

Below you can see the complete view:


You can collapse the left-side panel to expose more time phases on the screen.

For more information regarding the benefits of this enhancement please click here: Collapsible Panel




Accessing Financial Planning view

Once you, or any Admin with Financial Permissions, have created a Financial Planning view you can select it from the View Navigator.  As you increase your familiarity with the Financial Planning feature and determine which fields are most relevant to you, you can further personalize the view by selecting specific fields to display.  For more information please click here: Field Picker


Creating a Financial Planning View



Selecting a Financial Planning View in View Navigator




Financial Planning view elements

The 4 main elements of the view are:

  1. Work Plan (WBS)
  2. Related Labor and Non-Labor Resources
  3. Time Periods (months, quarters, years)
  4. Project Summary Mode



Actual Cost Fields

Actual Cost rollup fields are now included which aggregate:

  1. Actual Cost Labor - from timesheets
  2. Actual Cost Non-Labor - from Non Labor Resources monthly amounts 
  3. Actual Cost CAPEX - from Capex Non-Labor and timesheets on Work Items with Expense Type "Capex"
  4. Actual Cost OPEX - from Opex Non-Labor and timesheets on Work Items with Expense Type "Opex"

Budget Cost Fields 

4 standard fields to give you insight into the total planned spend in your project’s Budgeted Cost. 

  1. Budget Cost Labor
  2. Budget Cost Non-Labor
  3. Budget Cost CAPEX
  4. Budget Cost OPEX

The view below contains the Actual vs. Budget costs of your project financials.


To learn more about the benefits of this feature in your view please click: Budget Costs for WorkItems


Budget Conflict Indicators

Your views provide great detail regarding the Financial Planning of your project in addition to built-in indicators to help you stay on track.  


The icon in the top right corner of your column mark that there is a discrepancy in financial allocation.  
To learn more please click: Conflict Indicators


 To save valuable time when creating project templates, we have personalized the template options to account for Financial Planning needs.
For more information please click: Templates




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