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Clarizen Admin Training Series

Admin Level 1 - Essentials

This course teaches you how to: visually present Clarizen to fit the way your users work, present complex information in an easily consumable manner and meet the reporting goals of your organization. By leveraging Clarizen's user management and profile functionality, you also control access to data and your end-users' user experience. You will learn how to create dashboards and dynamic and automated reports, making it easy to share project data with all stakeholders. We will introduce you to tools that easily move data in and out of Clarizen allowing you to have visibility to Clarizen data alongside information from other critical business solutions. Finally, we bring all of this together and share best practices around simplicity, reports, and dashboards for PS and PMO organizations.

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- July 15 - 17th <Register here>

Aug 12 - 14th <Register here>

Sept 9 - 11th <Register here>


Clarizen Admin Training Series

Admin Level 2 - Advanced Topics

This three-day, lab-intensive workshop will teach you how to gather requirements and design workflows, including whiteboard sessions. You will explore the Clarizen data model and how to use the configuration engine to expand out-of-the-box functionality and create tailored workflows to adapt to your company’s various business processes. Hands-on exercises are the focus of this class with lectures kept to a minimum.

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- July 17 - 19th <Register here>

Aug 14 - 16th <Register here>

Sept 11 - 13th <Register here>



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