Calculations and multi-currency support

Multi Currency & on-the-fly Totals

If you are working with a single currency in your Financial Plan, you will see column, row and grand totals calculated immediately on screen as you enter data. If you have more than one currency in the plan, you need to save the plan to calculate totals.

Multi-Currency Conversions

Planned & Forecast 

When working with multi-currency Planned and Forecast Costs and Revenues, the NLR values are converted into the Project Cost Currency. For future dates, these use the project's "Agreed Date for Exchange rate".

The default date is the Due Date of the project, though can be changed by the Project Manager.


When working with multi-currency Actual Costs and Revenues, the NLR values are converted into the Project Cost Currency using the rate of the first day of the month that you are entering data for. 

Viewing NLR Totals in Project Details page

In addition to the time-phased details of NLRs viewed and managed in the Financial Planning view it is also possible to expose read-only totals of the the NLRs on Project Details pages. Conditional planning can be added on these panels too. 


Capex/Opex Tracking

Tracking Capitalized Costs on a Project is important to many companies running development projects (product development, software, real estate and infrastructure) as in many jurisdictions you can claim tax credit for creation of new assets for your organization.

For more information please click: Capex/Opex Tracking 



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