"Requested" State for Work Items

Better manage your project pipeline, and requested work packages, with the new "Requested" state for Work Items.


What's New

A new state has been added to all Work Items, allowing you to indicate when a work item is "Requested".  A "Requested" state typically indicates that a piece of work has not yet been fully scoped, resourced or committed. 



What about Draft? 

Don't worry, draft is not going anywhere and continues to be the default state for new work items.

The key differentiator here is that Requested work items are not shown by default in Resource Load, allowing you to easily filter out work that is still being defined. 



Best Practices

  1. If you're using Requests to hold simple project requests for initial review before scoping out a project, consider converting the request first into a Project in Requested state where you will plan out top-level Project assignments and non-labor resources without creating a full work breakdown and committing resources. Note: requested work items' costs, revenues and efforts do aggregate up.

  2. If you want to report time on Requested work items - for example - you spend 3 days scoping out a project request or a requested change to an existing project, you should enable the new system setting to allow reporting timesheets. 





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    Sarah Ottey

    Thank you for adding this feature, it's something we've needed and is a timely addition for us.