Default State of "New Items" via Configurations

This release introduces a change of behavior when new Work Items are added into an existing project structure via Configurations (workflow rules, custom actions, and scheduled workflow rules).

Prior Behavior

Prior to this release, when adding a work item via configurations into an existing project structure, the Work Item would inherit the state of its parent.  This meant that if a Project was "Complete" and a new Milestone was added via a workflow rule, the Milestone's state would default to "Complete".  Typically speaking, this is not the desired behavior.  Best practices dictate that when a new work item is added into an existing project, it should be added in either a "Draft" or "Requested" state.

New Behavior

Starting this release, Work Items added via configurations will be added in the "Draft" state by default.

In order to automate the state change to any other state, simply add the "Change State" action into your workflow rule and set the state as desired.   If you would like to automate the state change to mimic the prior behavior simply set the state in the "Change State" action to $parent.state (as seen below). 




Please note: When using the "New Object" action via configurations, the new object gets a variable name.  Be sure that you "Run On" the newly created object in the "Change State" action (see above screenshot).



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