Filter on Skills in Resource Load

The "Resource Load" module has been enhanced in order to allow you to filter on user's Skills. This means that you can now open the "Resource Load" or "Resource Planning" view on a specific Project or Portfolio and filter to see only resources with particular skill sets.

To filter on skills, simply click on the "Manage" button in the filter popover and add <User> Skills to the right hand side of the selection screen. Once you click "Ok" the new option will be added, allowing you to filter on one or multiple skills.  You can use the "Match All" checkbox (illustrated below in figure 2) to ensure that the user's displayed in the "Resource Load" have all the Skills you are filtering for.

Please note: Make sure to select 'People' as this is not yet supported for 'Group' filtering (illustrated below in Figure 1).

Figure 1



 Figure 2



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