8.1 Approvals Overview

Approvals Overview 

Approving a Timesheet entry or Expense Sheet completes the life cycle, where the Timesheet updates a work item's Actual Effort , and the expense line items are linked to the applicable work items within projects. Reopening a submitted or approved Timesheet entry or Expense Sheet enables making additional changes or corrections.

The Approvals module is designed for managers as a personal view listing of all Timesheet entries or Expense Sheets submitted by employees for approval either by employees directly managed by you or resources assigned to work items in projects you manage . Discussion posts can be added to any Expense Sheet where adjustments were made or adjustments are required to alert the submitter of changes or corrections made.

Figure 1: Approvals Module Timesheets Mode


The Approvals module opens in the Timesheets mode (DEFAULT) .

  • Click to toggle the module to Expense Sheets mode.

The Approvals module updates to Expenses mode.

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