11.4 Creating New Items From Templates

Creating New Items From Templates

About Creating New Items From Templates
When creating a new project, you can start a blank project or create the project from a template, thus saving effort and time required to define a blank project's properties. C reating the project from a template bases the project on the selected
template, meaning the template properties define the configuration and planning of the project's overall architecture and strategy for  achieving deliverables. The template may include assigned managers, assigned resources, linked documents,
and sub items.
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    Paul Scheiman

    The link to: Creating a New Project From a Template is not working

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    Boris Krutiy


    We are aware of this and will be fixing not all broken links as soon as possible.

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    Jeffrey Smith

    Hmmm and yet that was over a year ago and the link is still broken.

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    Boris Krutiy

    Jeffrey, thank you for pointing that out. I will be sure to have this handled.

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    Natasha Ormiston

    The 'Creating a new project from template' link has been fixed.

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