Release Notes Archive

Release Notes Archive

This page lists each major HF and Feature Release and gives a breakdown of the new features added:


Fall '15 Update 1

September 7, 2015

Fall '15 Update 1  includes improvements for better visibility and flexibility in your work management. There is now the ability to view bugs, issues, risks, and requests as separate related items on Work Items, allowing easy viewing and management of related cases. Conditional formatting of fields can now be accessed in the grid header, which means you can quickly set formatting options on fields for better exception driven management. The Data Object, a recent feature that gives you great configurability options, can now be edited and deleted as a related item in the Relations Panel.  Report improvements enhance visibility and simplicity, these improvements include the option to show individual filters at runtime, and the ability to set conditional formatting and sort totals on Summary Rows. Last but not least, Single Sign On security enhancements include an option for users to use their own encryption certificate.


View Bugs, Issues, Risks, and Requests in Work Item Relations Panels

In this release Bugs, Issues, Risks, and Requests are visible as separate related items for Work Items. Previously, all the Case types were aggregated under the Cases relation. 


Add the relevant relation in the Settings

You can add the new relations by going into Settings>Profiles and then selecting the relevant profile and the relevant Work Item type.  Click on "Fields and Relations" and click Edit to select the relevant relations from the available panel into the selected panel.  Once added these new related items will exist in the selected Work item, and all existing related Cases will be split appropriately. 


Edit existing or add new Bugs, Issues, Requests,  or Risks from the ribbon

Edit existing or add new Bugs, Issues, Requests, and Risks from a Work Item's ribbon by clicking Add Related. Added Bugs, Issues, Requests, and Risks appear in the relevant Related Items Panels. 


Conditional formatting in the grid

Conditional formatting is easier to access in this release. The column header in grid view has the option to create conditional formats from the down arrow.


Data Object User Interface

When creating a data object in Settings>Configuration the Data Object was not previously able to be edited or deleted in the User Interface. In this release the Data Object field values can be edited, deleted, and added by creating a custom field, setting it as a Reverse Reference  and adding it as a Related item in the View Editor. The Data Object itself can only be deleted by the owner of the data object container. For more information review the User Manual

Create a new custom field in Settings > Configure > Data > New Custom Field. Select the Reference to Object field type and check the Reverse Reference checkbox. Reference to Object field type means that this new custom field refers to another item in the system, since all data objects refer to other items in the system. Reverse Reference allows access to fields, relations and other custom fields by referencing the parent object, in this case, the user object.


Reports Filter on Data Object's Custom Field 

When creating reports using the data object previously in the ‘Report on’ section the value ‘Data’ was required.  Now you can Report on a object and include the new custom field of the Data Object as related data. 


Report Improvements

Conditionally Format Report Summary Row

In Reports setting Totals the values can now be conditionally formatted. Click on the Sum column to sort Ascending or Descending in the report view, when using groups and viewing the report as "Show Summary".

Report Filters can be optionally shown at runtime

In Reports when setting filters you can check whether to show a specific filter at runtime or not. Previously there was a checkbox to show all filters at runtime.

Security enhancements to Single Sign On

This enhancement gives users the option to upload and use their own encryption certificate or use an encryption certificate that is internally generated, without being uploaded.


Resolved Issues
Fixed column resizing in print preview
Fixed the ability to assign the full license type in customizations

iPhone V1.5 

August 26, 2015

This iPhone v1.5 release includes the ability to search the property card and the ability to display the number separator according to the relevant system settings.  


Search the property card

This new enhancement enables you to search on the property card for items. There is a search box on the properties card.

Number separator

The iPhone app displays numeric separators (e.g. commas, periods) according to the settings of the full Clarizen application.


Summer '15 Update 3

August 23, 2015

Summer '15 Update 3  includes a few improvements including new chart grouping options when grouping your data by date fields, and the inclusion of the year on discussion post timestamps. This release also includes a setting for Clarizen Labs, which allows you to opt-in to Beta preview releases of our newest features.



Group by Day

In Charts, when customizing the Grouping setting on charts, previously you could only group by week, month, or quarter.  Now you can also group by day or year. This new feature gives you the granularity needed to manage your time and resources effectively.


Group by Day or Year in Charts

In Charts when grouping by a date field, you now have the option to group by day or year.


Discussion post timestamps year indication 

In Discussion posts the year has been added to the timestamp providing an exact date and time of the post.


Discussion post timestamp



Clarizen Labs

Customers can now opt-in to Beta preview releases of new features, as they become available, using Clarizen Labs. This new setting allows you to add upcoming features to your instance before they are fully released to all Clarizen customers. For certain features there is a warning message that displays when you try to opt-in notifying you that can't opt-out, for example the Interactive Gantt, due to certain changes that occur in the backend. For more information view the User Manual.


Clarizen Lab access

You can enable features in Clarizen Labs by going to Settings > System Settings > Clarizen Labs. Click in the Value checkbox to enable Beta features, so that you can test out new functionality before it is generally available to all of our customers.


Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues
Count function in reports now works for toggle fields
Fixes in Report filters
Fixes in downloading Reports as an Excel file and sending it in an email
Fixes in Dashboards for sharing/adding panels
Fixes to Scheduled Workflow rules
Performance improvements
Improvements to ProofHQ integration


iPhone V1.4

August 11, 2015

This iPhone v1.4 release includes the ability to add tasks and other related items directly from discussion posts, enabling you to quickly link and add new work items in the context of your conversation.  


Add Task

Need to create an action item or a new project task directly from a discussion post? The latest mobile release enables you to do this with a touch of a button. 


Task icon in New Discussion posts

In the Navigation Panel, click on Social, then click in "Start a discussion" for a new discussion,  or "Reply" in a discussion thread. Click on the Add Task icon shown above to add a task name.


Add an existing task or new task

Similar to the Web application you can search for a task, click on a parent to add an existing task, or add a new task.


Add other related items to discussion posts

The example above was showing you how to add new Tasks from a post. You can add the following additional relations easily and quickly in new posts or replies: files, work items (projects or milestones), cases, customers, expense sheets, expense entries and topics.


Add Related item


Summer '15 Update 2

August 9, 2015

Summer '15 Update 2 improves usability by how we display data in several areas: the ability to freeze columns on table views, beta release of a brand new Calendar for viewing tasks and issues. and the ability to retain the hierarchy of the work plan when searching and/or filtering for specific items. This release also includes a new feature to improve the set up Single Sign On for Clarizen and an enhanced security feature to disable autocompletion of your username in the login screen.



Retain Hierarchy

Searching and filtering in your project's work plan is a great way to locate the exact item you need to work on.  This release features an enhancement that not only allows you to locate items in your project plan, but keep in them in the context of your work and work plan's hierarchical structure.  The new Retain Hierarchy results formatting option is available directly from the Work Plan gear, and in all work item detail pages (this will also be the default results format option when creating new views). When searching and filtering with this option, the results retain the full project hierarchy, where matches are shown with standard coloring, and non matching items (that are part of the hierarchy) are displayed in a lighter blue color.  For more information view the User Manual.


Results Format default to Retain Hierarchy

The default for Results Format in new views is Retain Hierarchy. This setting can be changed from the Work Plan's gear icon, under the Results Format grouping.


Search Results with Retain Hierarchy Results Format

Search or filter for the items you need to locate. The results for the word "Product are displayed as shown above. Click on the "+" sign next to the light blue title to view the embedded matches, as the light blue row indicates it is a parent item to the search results' matching work items. 

Freeze columns

Freeze columns is now available in all modules, allowing you to review many columns of data while keeping in the context of your work. The default for all modules is set to Freeze Columns, you can toggle off Freeze Columns: you can toggle off Freeze columns from the Gear menu. For more information see the User Manual.


Freeze columns with horizontal scrollbar

Freeze columns enables freezing the Name columns and (all columns before it) to maintain context of your work while scrolling through the selected data. Freeze columns can be toggled on/off from the gear icon.
The horizontal scroll bar on the bottom allows you to view more related data while maintaining the context of your work, namely the Project Name in the above screenshot.


Calendar View - Beta release

Clarizen's modules are a great place to view and update your and your teams work.  With the new Calendar display option you can easily view your work on a calendar, which allows you to easily scope, manage, and update your progress.  The Calendar display is available in all Work Item and Case modules and allows you to view items in a day, work week, week or monthly calendar view.  To access this new Beta feature, be sure to contact your Customer Success manager to have it added to your instance.  As this is a Beta release, all features are not yet available.  Stay tuned for even more robust functionality, such as color-coding, dragging & dropping tasks, as well as the ability to print and share the calendar. For more information see the User Manual.


Calendar team view of tasks

Toggle the display options from the gear icon to view the Calendar or to create a brand new Calendar view. Calendars can be viewed alongside the Team Panel to allow you to view your work, a team member's work, or the entire team on one easy to consume calendar.  


Single Sign On improvements

Single Sign On allows you to log into multiple systems with one username and password. Thanks to the latest Single Sign On improvements Clarizen has made this process is even easier.  A new Download Metadata button is available to download all your SSO settings by Administrators only. This file can be uploaded to the Single Sign On Identity Provider to expedite the Clarizen Single Sign On process.


Download Metadata

In Settings > Global System Settings > Federated Authentication click Edit to view Single Sign On settings. All Single Sign On settings can now be saved by selecting the Download Metadata button.


System Setting

There is a new enhanced security measure to disable access to your user name and password from your computer. This ensures that people accessing your computer will not be able to see your user name on the Login page. For more information about System Settings see the User Manual.


New System Setting

In Settings > System Settings > Login and Password you can enable Disable User Name autocomplete by clicking in the checkbox. The default is off, meaning that the User name field will be automatically completed and the password will be saved in the browser. 


Resolved Issues

Resolved Issues
Daily Digest bug fixes
General performance improvements
General improvements to Reports and Dashboards
Fixed issues in Safari to enable viewing all pick list options in Custom fields
Fixed issues in Custom Actions





Summer '15 Update 1

July 26, 2015

Summer '15 Update 1 increases the efficiency of Clarizen to make you more productive, whether that's with the newly customizable Discussion Group layout that give you a true workspace for collaboration, or improvements to the "Replace Resource" utility that makes replacing resources a breeze. 



Discussion Group Layout

Thanks to the latest enhancements Discussion Groups can now be transformed into a true workspace. Now you rearrange panels per teams or groups, ensuring that each team member in your organization can see an overview and collaborate on the most critical items in their workspace. 


Discussion Group Layout options

More than one view can now be added by Admins to the Discussion Group Layout but only one view can be visible per profile. Discussion Group Layout views are located in Settings>Profiles>Groups & Users>Group>Discussion Group>Default Views>Item detail default view. To edit an existing view layout, click on the existing view, then click the Edit button to rearrange, add, or remove Relation Panels and customize the column set of the default view. Create a new layout by clicking on New, and then you can configure panels and the columns of the layout.


View Editor for the Discussion Group

Customize the order of Related Panels by rearranging items in the layout to increase productivity and collaboration within your team.


Replace Resources

Projects are about managing your resources, work items, budgets, and time. Frequently, due to project changes or other constraints, resources need to be replaced across a specific project or portfolio.  The "Replace Resource" utility automates the process of replacing assigned resources. The latest enhancement ensures that only resources from all items that have not yet been completed are replaced. Previously when you clicked on Replace Resource, it replaced resources on all work items including completed ones, leading to the unnecessary reactivation of work items. Now you can easily make the replacements you need to work items without any additional steps. 


Select a project on the Projects module or click on the Project and then select Utilities>Replace Resource. You will be asked to Search and Replace a specific Resource on a selected project.  Clarizen will update all resources for work items that have not been completed.


Integrations Hub (iHub)

The Integrations Hub (iHub) enables seamless integrations with your mission critical tools in one unified place. Thanks to the versatility and flexibility of the iHub, you can easily create object mappings and event triggers between Clarizen and other tools. We've improved the iHub even further by making error messages more noticeable, allowing you to quickly identify and correct any issues. Error notifications are now at the top of the Mappings and Events page with a link to the first error. 


Mappings and Events page

Located in Settings>Extensions>Connected Web apps>Settings click on Open for the external system. If there is an error in the mappings or events you will see an error notification bar on the top of the Mappings and Events page. Click on Show in the error notification bar to see the error, this link is only available for the first error.


Resolved Issues

CategoryResolved Issue
Reports In Reports fixed an issue that prevented the Importance icon from being displayed.
  In Reports complex formulas are now fully supported, for example, division of a currency field by a duration field.
  In Reports fixed errors when assigning a field for the x-axis and clicking the ellipsis.
  In Reports the presentation of results and the legend display colors in the same order.
  In Reports fixed errors when generating and loading reports.
Dashboards In Dashboards performance issues have been fixed.
  In Dashboards, charts now stretch to fill the maximum space in the panel.
Charts In Charts when selecting the Select Class field for the x and y axes all items are shown.
Projects When in Projects users can create dependency links between milestones.
  In Projects when sending via email the project/task appears in "Activities Today" only for Team Members, Social, Time and Expenses users that have permission to view it.
  In Projects, fixed error when importing Microsoft Project from a big zip file.
Task When editing Tasks, the validation error, Timesheet.GetThisValue has been resolved.
  In Tasks when assigning a resource, units can now be set in the Workplan or grid.
Resource Load In the Resource Load when selecting a column filter the picklist now closes after choosing an option or clicking outside.
Discussions In Discussions and Notes links and text can be copied and pasted in web browsers including Internet Explorer.
Formatting When using conditional formatting on fields or views, data styles are now saved for duplicate rules.
Customization When working with Custom Actions, the user input fields run in the correct order.
  When in Custom Actions you can select Advanced>Run in background without any errors.
  When updating custom date fields with the data loader the current date and time displays correctly.
Apps In Clarizen Anywhere the timesheets now shows correct dates.
Mobile In Mobile the "Download" files link in Social emails has been fixed.

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V6 HF 45

July 12, 2015

Version 6 HF 45 is all about getting a clearer picture of your work, whether that's with key enhancements to the Resource Load which allow for better resource management or improvements to conditional formatting that allow you to personalize your numeric displays to easily consume data.



Resource Load

Resource management is all about balancing the capacity and demand of people, so that you don’t have benched or overloaded resources, thereby ensuring full resource utilization.  The Resource Load view is the one stop shop for your resource management needs by providing a fully interactive and updateable reporting tool that allows you to not only view and report on resources load data, but also simulate the load by quickly filtering work items in and out, review loads on individual resources or groups, and drag and drop to reassign tasks. You can also review the full project plan for projects where resources are assigned tasks, so that you can see the impact of any schedule changes made.  The Resources Load is a powerful staffing tool that solves the challenging job of balancing resource workloads, in providing you insight into where resources have capacity to work, and immediately make the changes. For more information see the User Manual.

Resource Load Options

The Resource Load can be accessed from the Projects, People, or Groups modules as well as from individual work items (Project, Milestone, or Task Details). New options for how you display amounts on the Resource Load are visible in the Ribbon. Previously you only had the option to display the load by Hours or Units(%), now you can also display the load by FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) and Person (man) Days


Time Range Filter

Time intervals in the Resource Load can now be configured to display between 2 - 52 time periods for Days, Weeks, and Months rather than the previous 7 fixed periods. Selection of the periods is done in the date filter, where you can either toggle between clicking the Show arrows next to each time frame or entering a number.


Freeze Columns in the Resource Load


Freeze columns enables freezing the Name columns and all columns before it to maintain context of your work as you scroll through the time periods. Freeze columns can be toggled on or off from the Gear icon. The horizontal scroll bar on the bottom allows you to view more time related data while maintaining the context of your work.


Numeric Field Formatting

Formatting numeric fields allows you to consume data easily according to your preferences while ensuring full data integrity. Personalize your individual or company view of numeric fields with abbreviations to simplify the display of large numbers on understanding the bigger picture. For more information see the User Manual.


Personalize the numeric separator

Click on Gear>Manage Columns>Format Column of the selected field. Edit the display of the numeric separator according to your personal or company preferences.


Add numeric abbreviations

Abbreviate numbers for to simplify the dispaly of larger numbers.


Intacct Expense Sheet

The Clarizen - Intacct integration allows you to automate and close the loop of the cost tracking and reimbursement process,  thereby allowing for data accuracy and efficiency. This new enhancement gives you out of the box best practices which include configurable triggers and mappings to sync project related expenses from Clarizen to Intacct, to be included in the billing cycle.


Resolved Issues

CategoryResolved Issue
Best Practices Fixed viewing issue in Google Docs. Read Best Practices here.
Reports When in Reports bar chart results display correctly when percent is selected for the x-axis.
  In Reports users can view time entries spanning 3 months or more.
Projects When in Projects the table layout, or grid, of items updates when a file is added or deleted.
  In Projects Work or Effort can be added to the table of items, or grid.
  Fixed error when editing % complete in Projects.
Task Tasks can now be viewed as a link in Discussion emails.
Discussion Posts In Discussion emails, users can now access or download related files directly within the message.
Timesheet In the Timesheet module the date picker now displays the current date.
Settings In System Settings users can now search with an apostrophe.
Integrations While in Salesforce Integration new customers can now be created from existing accounts.
  In Salesforce Integration error was fixed when user defines new trigger from Clarizen Setup.
Customization When customizing landing pages users can set it to custom panels that are changed or copied.
  When working with Clarizen API, fixed error which showed the message, "The connection was closed unexpectedly."
  When the work item is marked as complete, users can now update custom fields.
  When executing custom actions errors were fixed when evaluating criteria.


V6 HF 44

June 21, 2015

Version 6 HF 44 includes key enhancements that enable better visibility and configurations with improvements to conditional formatting, a brand new customizable Data Object for configuration and reporting purposes, and improved titles and descriptions in System Settings.



Conditional Formatting on Related Panels

Conditional Formatting allows for key exception management by allowing you to focus on items that require your attention.  Conditional Formatting is now available in the related panels, and allows you to define rules based on related items. This gives users the flexibility to quickly spot important related items such as total time worked at the project level or to quickly view critical open cases on projects.  For more information see the User Manual.


Conditional Formatting on Relations Panels


Related Items included in Rule conditions

When configuring a view now you can include related items as a column and conditionally format it to view key exceptions. 


Data object

The Data Object further enhances Clarizen's configuration capabilities by allowing you to display new types of data in the system related to your entities, thereby creating brand new objects or gathering data on existing objects. For example, you can create a flexible repository that stores time-based and trend data. The Data object stores as much log-type data as you need for your visualizations, charts and reports.

The new Data Object is available in Configuration and in Reporting, and it is not visible in any standard Clarizen panels, but can be made visible as needed using custom panels and pages.  It is a flexible storage of structured analytic-type data where data will be added but typically not edited. Like Discussions, it can be related to almost any other Clarizen item. The Data Object allows you to add any Custom Fields you need for use in your panels, reports or charts. For more information see the User Manual.


Setting up the Data Object in the Configure screen

Click on Settings> Configure> Data to set up the Data-item. The Type picklist field is editable so you can add data type labels to suit your business needs. 


How to Populate New Data Objects

In this example a Workflow rule is created to track changes in the state field(Closed, Open, Submitted, Rejected) in Cases, so each time the record is created or edited the Workflow will run. 


Continued How to Populate New Data Objects

In the Workflow a new item is created that runs on the New Data object. This item will store information on system and custom fields to be visualized in Reports or Custom Panels. 


System Settings Titles and Descriptions

The System Settings titles and descriptions have been regrouped so they are use case centric and intutiive to find.

The new order of the System Settings is focused on the way customers use the system making information easy to find. Enhanced Search results display the name and description of the System Setting.  To download a comparison between the old and new location of system settings please click here.


Overview of Enhanced descriptions in System Settings




Resolved Issues

CategoryResolved Issue
Reports When downloading reports to pdf all report columns display
  When exporting reports to Excel  all content displays when selecting show summary and group by fields
  In reports when setting highlights in custom formula now calculates for reported timesheet on duration with "/" in the formula 
  In reports bar charts of timesheet entries accurately display the amount of hours to the nearest tenths position 
  Report module errors have been fixed when adding second related data
Dashboards In dashboards only permitted data are shown to users 
  In dashboards the issue of opening and refreshing has been fixed
  In dashboards now only one scroll bar appears in the expanded panel
Projects In projects columns resize correctly in print preview mode
  When importing projects, large Microsoft Project files can now be imported from a zip file
  When in projects the set filters closes correctly after opening two consecutive times by clicking ok
  In projects new milestones can be dragged and dropped to a new position in the roadmap
Task When a task status is changed to complete the current date is displayed 
Discussion Posts Discussion posts display grouping by date filter correctly 
Interact In Interact users can now reply to old, migrated TrackIt and InterAct emails 
Show Me In "Show Me" when clicking "Learn More" the related help article is displayed in the User Manual 
  In "Show Me" all steps display in the correct order for multiple modules or "Welcome to Clarizen"
Global Search When in the Global Search users can now drill down to a specific case 
Conditional Formatting When using conditional formatting to create simple rules, custom css has an easy to use interface 
  When conditionally formatting the "Date" field and choosing "After" the next consecutive date displays
Invite People When inviting people the typographical errors have been corrected in Russian

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iPhone V1.2

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June 15, 2015

This iPhone V1.2  release includes several key enhancements such as supporting Global Search on all items, clicking on Clarizen links from email, ability to add images into Social posts and replies, and better notification of others in social posts.




Global Search

Users need a quick and easy way to search for items in the application

Clarizen mobile app now supports Global Search on all items. The Global Search box is easily accessible in the navigation panel and enables users to quickly find the items they need to work on.


Global Search is accessible in the navigation panel



Clarizen Links

iPhone users can increase their productivity in the mobile application because links in email will now open in the Clarizen mobile app.

When clicking on a link from your email, you will automatically redirect to the Clarizen mobile app rather than Safari. To ensure that this works correctly, be sure to clear your website data by going into Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data and then locate swipe to left and delete.


Quick item retrieval




Social Posts

Users can easily add images to social posts making it snap pictures of the white board in your meetings, your location, or anything else.

Add images to Social posts and replies directly from your camera or Photos folders. 


Social Notification

Ability to add relevant individuals and groups to ensure they are notified on the newest information

Social notification has been vastly improved in the mobile app to allow users to notify individual people and groups.


Add images to social posts and notify individuals and groups

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V6 HF 43

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June 7, 2015

The Version 6 HF 43 release includes several key enhancements such as conditional formatting on all fields on reports and views, and a set of new prebuilt reports and dashboards out of the box.

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New Features Delivered

Resolved Issues

Featured Enhancement: Conditional Formatting on all field types

1 Users want an easy way to identify important information such as KPIs that are at an exception, and view those highlights in views as well as reports shared with other stakeholders. Conditional Formatting increases the usability and visibility of important information for all users, whether a team member managing a list of tasks needing to see late tasks, or managers reviewing projects needing to quickly identify late projects. Review the User Manual for more information (See Figure 1 and Figure 2 )
2 Users of the Reporting module want to be able to run standard reports and dashboards immediately when using the new Reports & Dashboard (released in March 2015).  Users want to be able to quickly create their own reports by just modifying standard reports and dashboards for faster time to value. Out of the Box reports and dashboards gives users the ability to immediately have reports & dashboards available to run against their Clarizen account.  Users can quickly customize existing reports to suit their own business needs, and increase visibility to their executive teams.  (See Figure 3 and Figure 4 )
3 Previously, Project Managers had no visibility to see total allocated work per resource on a project, and would have to add time from individual task assignments to see where resource work was allocated.  Or they would use the Resource Load to see work allocation on the project. Project Managers and team can view total accumulated work per resource on a project, at the project level resource panel.
4 For customers using our Intacct integration, Finance users need to view approved Clarizen timesheet data in Intacct for financial processing (such as billing). Administrators can synchronize Clarizen timesheet information to Intacct using the new Settings feature in the Integration Hub (iHub).  (See Figure 5 )

Conditional Formatting Simple Rule

Figure 1

Select a field to format in any module View by accessing Manage Columns from the gear icon on the table.  Once you’ve selected the field to be displayed, click in the Format column
for the chosen field, then click on Add new Rule . The selected field is already populated in the rule, but you can change it and select another field if you want to conditionally format
the field based on another field’s criteria.  Choose relational operator (more than, less than, equals, or other options), then choose a Value or Field and depending on your choice,
you may have to insert a number, date or currency value. Click on ABC 123 to define the formatting of the field for that conditional rule. Formatting options include
Bold, Italics, Strikethrough, Text Color, Background Color and Custom CSS. For detailed information review the User Manual .


Simple Conditional Formatting result Display

Figure 2

Display of the results of the Basic ordered set of conditional formating rules in Figure 1

Out of the Box Reports

Figure 3

Administrators can set permissions in Reports > Projects for Standard Financial and Scheduling Reports and Dashboards. Project Manager can quickly edit existing reports and increase
visibility on their projects with Standard Dashboards. For detailed instructions review the User Manual .

Save Dashboards as a PDF file

Figure 4

Share Dashboards easily by sending or downloading as a PDF file.

New setting tab for Intacct and other external applications

Figure 5

Newly added Settings tab for external applications located in Settings > Extensions . Click on Open in the Settings column for Intacct and view the new integration Settings tab as shown above.

In Intacct Custom Settings , select the day your organization's week begins on, and the weekend days as it is set in Intacct. Select the Timesheet Policy , this setting determines where Clarizen approved timesheets will be located in Intacct: either in a Draft Timesheet container or an Approved Timesheet container for each Clarizen approved timesheet.

V6 HF 43 Resolved Issues
All fields in the dashboard from an associated report display to user.
The Dashboard Snapshot displays the day/month/year and 24 hour time format specified from the User's My Details section.
Users can upload pictures to a Proof HQ custom action. Previously in the custom action after the picture was selected to upload the screen would display "Processing Upload" and the picture would not upload.
Users can set the Profile Search defaults in the "Find Window Columns" for the Work Item the same items appear in the Predecessors pop up window.
Scheduled synchronization from Clarizen to Sales Force now updates milestones and all records. Now synchronization from Clarizen to SalesForce does not display duplicate project records.
The user names do not appear when you mouse over a report name which was previously showing the user name in brackets.
The API Data Loader fully supports uploads of resource rate data from Excel

When Groups are added as a column they correctly appear in the Workplan.

Email reminders for timesheets for the previous weeks worked to reflect the Organization system settings because reminders were being sent for future weeks rather than previous weeks worked.
Percentage complete in the Workplan now shows the manually set flag when resources' individual %complete is manually set.
The People module Resource Load detailed view correctly applies the filter setting "ProjectsLists" "Is not one of".
Users can now reply to  discussion posts where they are mentioned (@) on tasks where they are resources.
Due dates update when changing dates for an entire project in the Workplan.
Custom Workflow rule works consistently when creating a resource link
Fixed permissions issue in viewing custom reports.
Custom actions called from a button updates fields correctly. It now behaves like the custom action called from the Ribbon.
"Please update your timesheet" email reminder sending to only users who have access to the Timesheet module.
Fixed issue when selecting Activities Today from the dropdown in the Portal custom home page.
New projects created from a templates do not trigger validation rules on a custom field on create.
Report results now display when there is a lot data in the timesheet and it was grouped by work item and resource names.
View edits correctly on the Master Profile.
Custom panels can be viewed in the relations column if it was related to a shortcut work item in the Workplan.
Adding Milestones from templates in a roadmap with future due dates updates Project due dates correctly. It now behaves like adding a Milestone from the Workplan.
Discussion posts sent as a daily digest email now include the topic in the header.
The Sum function works correctly with REST API Clarizen Query Language.
Chinese Language Localization: "weekday" (in Chinese) has been added to the pop up Chinese calendar.
Notification message "Due to a change rate per hour, system is updating relevant information" displays only once when the user updates resources on a task.


V6 HF 42

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May 20, 2015

The Version 6 HF 42 release includes several key enhancements such as improved search capabalities, reviewing timecard performance on projects, and enhancements in the Customization module for managing portfolios. Highlights for Fixes include better functionality of password reset and recovery, as well as a few fixes in the Reporting and Dashboards module.

Noteworthy Performance Improvements:

  • Improves your overall Clarizen experience with better Search capabilities
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New Features Delivered

Resolved Issues



Project Managers needed to display a Project's aggregated timesheet entries to show overall progress on the project in full granularity. Previously a summary of actual time reported on the project, was via the Actual Effort field, and only if you were using Timesheets to update Actual Effort.

A new related item, Aggregated Time Entries, which allows you to view tracked time collected in a project. This item is available for viewing in the Main Panel or as a Related Panel. (See Figure 1 , Figure 2 , Figure 3 , Figure 4 and Figure 5 ). The panel is available to all existing views, but not added in automatically. The panel can be filtered per view to show, for example, time reported in the last 7 days.


Admins and configurators needed to direct users to an expanded property card, like the "More Info" button, with all sections opened using the GetObjectViewURL function in Configurations.

Added an option to the "GetObjectViewURL" function to show the expanded property card similar to clicking on "More Info"


Project Managers need to access multiple levels of projects for configuration-based portfolio reporting.

Configurations - such as those in the popular (free) Clarizen Apps: Project Highlight Report Periodic Project Report - can show sub milestones and tasks in a whole portfolio or program of work e.g. for a month previous or next 60 days (See Figure 6 and Figure 7 ). Previously this could only be done for a single project.

Edit Related Items in Profiles

Figure 42.1

Figure 1

Go to Settings >Profiles >Default Profile >Project>Related Items >Edit

Add Aggregated Time Entries from your Available column to your Selected Column

Figure 42.2

Figure 2

Add Aggregated Time Entries so all users associated with this profile can view this new field. Previously it was not possible to view an aggreagation of time entries for a project.

Include Aggregate Time Entries in Views

Figure 42.3

Figure 3

Go to the Navigation Panel >Projects and create a new view to include the Aggregate Time Entries either to the Relations Panel or move it to the Main Panel

Manage Columns and set reported date filter

Figure 4 You can manage columns from the Gear icon such as adding the Project Work Item. Next to the Search box you can set a reported date filter. Final view seen in Figure 5 below.

Filtered View of Aggregated Time Entries

Figure 5 Filtered View of Aggregated Time Entries reported by user (Guybrush) for the project and the work items

This view gives a manager an overall view of this resource's time allocation for the project for the previous 7 days.

Figure 6 Set a Custom Action to retrieve all work items

Go to Settings> Configure> All Work Items > Work Items > Project> Create New > Custom Action and name the new custom action.

Go to Set Actions > Select Action and choose Set Variable . Click on New Variable give it a Name, Type and Value.

Figure 7 Step 2 to retrieve all work items

Step 2 Click Set Variable, Change to select Run on AllWorkItems and update the variable created in Figure 6 with a recursive query over all the Work Items in the portfolio/program.

VB6 HF 42 Resolved Issues
Fixed password recovery when username includes "&" symbol
Fixed password reset error messages such as "Password can't be repeated" or "Change password url invalid."
Now there is the ability to include underscore, ("_"), as a special character when resetting the password
Fixed copying and pasting for task predecessor column
Fixed wrapping text to utilize all the white space efficiently when printing from the Project Profile card
Now each Clarizen account can create only one calendar
Fixed error in financial custom field rolling up. Now the financial field does not roll up when the project setting to roll up financials is turned off.
Now entire text body is displayed when sending an email with a mailto link. Previously the body of the email message was getting cut off.
Fixed problem creating an enterprise organization from the French landing page.
Information can now be saved when editing data in the Group view
Summary duration hours, total sum and % complete now exports correctly from Reports to MS Excel/pdf
Send email works for Share Report/Dashboard/Views even when "Allow Emails" is disabled in the settings for the user. Previously you were not able to send emails because the "Allow Emails" was disabled for the user.

V6 HF 41

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May 20, 2015

The Version 6 HF41 release fixes include performance improvements, application updates, better display of Report exports to pdf and enhancements to People and Timesheet modules.

Noteworthy performance improvements:

  • Overall performance
  • Tasks and graph calculations
VB6 HF 41 Resolved Issues
Fixed display of icons, date format and color from Reports export to PDF
Fixed import issues from MS Project to Clarizen
Fixed the New and Edit functions of Clarizen MS Excel plug-in
Fixed the ability to save Time in hours using Stopwatch in Task Details > Work Plan
Enhanced Timesheet module setting now allows a custom default view for specific users previously the custom view was for all user
Fixed error when accessing Utilities from the People module
Now the Navigation panel doesn't open and close on first login
Full Manager name now appears in Roadmap Milestone pop up window
Search support for special characters in the file name
Summary email notification messages plus a message per new user will be received when creating multiple new users

V6 HF 40

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May 10, 2015

The Version 6 HF 40 release fixes include the following enhancements with a focus on reporting, profile configuration, and security.

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New Features Delivered

Resolved Issues


1 Report creators needed more flexible ways of defining reports by filtering on date ranges that are dynamic, rather than static dates. Report filters for date fields now includes: "In the Following", "During the Previous" and "Day(s), Week(s) and Month(s)." ( See Figure 1 , Figure 2 )
2 Users creating reports on Timesheets need to see the Project name for the time reported. Timesheet Report now displays the Project Name for the Work Item. Previously the Project Name did not display for the Work Item in the Timesheet Report.(See Figure 3 )
3 Enhancement needed to allow for standardized Organizational Actions. Ability to define and manage the organization's Navigation Menu actions such as New Request, New Issue, New Task, New Reports and more were added to the Profile Settings under Settings>Profile Settings> Organization. Previously this configuration capability was not available under the Organization in the Profile Settings. (See Figure 4 , Figure 5 , Figure 6 )
4 Companies who use Single Sign On needed enhanced SAML support. Enhanced SAML , Security Assertion Markup Language, improves Single Sign On so that a user can use one login and password to access multiple sites seamlessly.

Date Filters

Figure 40.1

Figure 1 Date filter includes options for "In the Following" and "During the Previous."

Now when you filter by a date field in Reports you can specify either "In the Following" or "During the Previous." Previously these options were only available in Views.

Date Filter Options

Figure 40.2

Figure 2 Date Report filter include option to select Day(s), Week(s) or Month(s) after the selection of "In the Following" or "During the Previous."

Now when filtering on date fields in the Report using the new filter options "In the Following" or "During the Previous", you can select Day(s), Week(s), or Month(s) to have more flexibility in the timescale of the data you are filtering.

Timesheet report
Figure 40.3

Figure 3 Timesheet report displays the Project Name for the Work Item.

When you run a report on Timesheets, you can now include the Project Name as a column to report on, by including the Work Item as a related data item to the Timesheets.

Customize Navigation Panel for Organizations (Ribbon)

Figure 40.4

Figure 4 In Profiles Settings, Actions have been added to customize the Navigation Menu (Ribbon) for the Organization.

Now when you select Settings > Profiles > Organization > Actions you can click Edit to customize the Navigation Menu for the entire Organization.

Customize the Organizational Navigation Menu (Ribbon)

Figure 40.5

Figure 5 Customize the Organizational Navigation Menu (Ribbon) with the options shown

The default options are New, which includes Request, Issue, Task, Report and more, as well as the options for Custom Actions, Recent Items and Favorites. Click the x next to the option to remove it from the Ribbon. Click Save , then Apply to save the changes.

Cusomized Organizational Navigation Menu (Ribbon)

Figure 40.6

Figure 6 Customized Organization's Navigation Menu (Ribbon)

The New, Custom Actions, Recent Items and Favorites saved in the Organization's Navigation Menu (Ribbon) are displayed for all users in the Organization.

VB6 HF 40 Resolved Issues
Improved load time of Approvals Page
Show More command correctly expands text in discussion posts
Window closes when adding Issue to work item and saving it
Post email notification is sent only once
Fixed the display value of Currency data from calculations formulas on the Expense sheet
Fixed performance issue when using Custom Actions
Ability to download or email Work Plan using the Export function
Fixed data inconsistencies in custom reports
Dashboard refresh now uses the latest version of reports

V6 HF 39

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April 26, 2015

The Version 6 HF 39 release fixes the following specific customer requests, issues and bugs: usability improvements in reporting and profile management allowing users to make better-informed decisions due to enhancements in resource availability, dashboard improvements, time saving features to monitor work items, sharing report data through widgets and screen enhancements to profile management.

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New Features Delivered

Resolved Issues

Noteworthy Performance improvements:

  • Faster navigation to Home, Social and Objects when loading the Social Module
  • Improved Page Loads
  • Create Project from Template enhancements

1 Customers finding that they need more than 3 custom formulas to define reports. Enterprise edition licenses now can define 15 custom formula columns in the Reports module. Previously only 3 report formula columns were supported. This allows you more flexibility in defining custom calculations to meet your reporting needs.
2 Users want the ability to automatically import changes to a report, such as the filter changes made ad-hoc on the report. Reports can now save changes on running reports. These changes can now be saved as part of the default report view. Previously if you made changes to a running report you either had to reapply your changes each time you ran the report or go to the Editor and make the same changes to the default report view. (See Figure 1 )
3 Provide visibility to all team members (internal and external to Clarizen) by sharing reports as widgets Users want to share reports as widgets, just you can share any other view in Clarizen.
4 Enhancement needed to expand the meeting information sent from Clarizen to external calendar applications. Enhanced InterAct includes new and updated meeting information to external calendar applications.
5 Users want to be able to use Send Update feature on multiple work items and shortcuts when selected in the Work Plan. The Send Update command now works for multiple work items and shortcuts in the Work Plan saving time and increasing productivity. (See Figure 2 , Figure 3 , Figure 4 )
6 Customers need API access of the colors in custom or standard picklists. Simple API access to custom and standard picklist colors can now be included by accessing the Status(hex code of the color). This improves the standardization of chart and report displays in product documentation.
7 Need the ability to enter more information when adding a Milestone to a project in the Work Plan. Enhanced view of the add Milestone template to a project in the Work Plan to expand and see More Info. (See Figure 5 )
8 Users noted that the Profile definition screens weren’t clear on icons and menu options. Enhanced Profile Management screens (See Figure 6 )
9 Users want to be able to see the billed organization name in the subject of the Purchase Order email. The Purchase Order form now includes the billed organization name in the subject of the email clarifying and improving internal processes.

Saving Changes to existing reports

Figure 39.1

Figure 1

Now when you click Edit on a running report the system remembers your custom changes and offers to save them to the default report view. Previously if you made changes to a running report you either had to reapply your changes each time you ran the report or go to the Editor and make the same changes to the default report view.

Send Update Request now available for multiple work items.

figure 39.2

Figure 2

Now you can select multiple work items, click on Email and choose Send Update, previously you could only Send Update Request on one work item.

Send Update Request available on shortcut

Figure 39.3

Figure 3

Previously the Send Update Request command was not available for shortcuts.

Send Update Request available on multiple shortcuts

Figure 39.4

Figure 4

Now you can select multiple shortcuts, click Email and choose Send Update Request. Previously this was not available.

Added More in the default Add Milestone template

figure 39.5

Figure 5

Enhanced Profile Management Screen

figure 39.6

Figure 6

Colors of the text and icons were enhanced for increased visibility on the Profile Management Screen

VB6 HF 39 Resolved Issues
Improved functionality of copying and pasting images into Social Posts.
Increased synchronization performance with integration of external applications such as Salesforce, Intacct, Box, and many more.
Upgraded Send Report custom actions enabling custom recipients to receive the reports
Honed navigation and views in the Timesheet module
Enhanced functionality in creating, exporting and running reports
Improved Resource Availability calculation formulas to include nonworking time
Improved column views in Dashboards
Enhanced user authentication processes for access to project documentation
Refined performance of custom filters in the mobile app
Increased functionality of the Excel SSO Add-in when logging in using Federated Authentication


V6 FR5

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This new feature release includes great new features including the addition of the “+” sign in discussions to add new actionable items in a flash,

an awesome new bubble chart and scatter chart, and a couple of new date formats.

Be sure to check out all the other great features below.


Allow team members to edit fields on cases in enhanced permissions
External users to be able to invite other external users
on team panel - everyone, add a drop down option to open resource load
Addition of two new date formats – YY.MM.DD and DD-MM-YYYY
Resource reports should have a new filter to select "is one of" state
Remove Organization Name from Emails, Reports, Downloads when Global Display Organization is False
Ability to update the User Type from the field itself and via API
Add (back) project to WI emails and add a reference to the project on WI discussions



Customers in Global search type ahead

Chart display option – Bubble chart and scatter chart

Adding a new item via discussion using +

Auto upgrade out of the box apps

Apps with CF and BR that do not count in the org quota

Allow to change the order of custom actions

V6 HF21

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Some features of this HF include:  the addition of the Topics relation to “topicable” items and  single click to select and close the date editor in light editor mode.


Customer CR/Feature:


Implement REST API – final fixes

Expose the share option in the post/reply

Add topics relations to all relevant items and remove the created by and created on from them

Remove Promotion Codes from the PO

Light editors: in date editor, selecting a date should close and save changes

V6 FR4

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This release includes a ton of amazing new features and is the biggest release since V6!! Some of the big ticket items in this release include multi select pick lists (!!!),  a native find and replace resource action,  password protection for widgets (including roadmap, Gantt, and views), and Topics, which allow you to easily categorize and tag objects across the system including posts, documents, work items, cases, and more!

Internal CR/Feature:


Add discussion should open as a pop up in narrow panels (not inline)

Add support for custom WalkMe

Notifying people and groups on a social post/reply from email sometimes auto-complete the name to the wrong person

Topics item type

Counter field enhancments - icons, + , and more

Show "loading..." in place of pager in "All" option for results when loading more items

Include timestamp in all print

Share discussion action

Add checkbox for "portfolio" to project

Show full email address in alias field read mode

Export to xls -> send email should open the email pop up

Add support for Folder entity - BE

Social visual design small fixes

Support team panel in share view widget and Save view layout

PO - add Integration by month amount to the Email send from the PO

Topic module

Quadruple upload file size limit from 25MB to 100MB

Editors Values : all should use the same font size that is used in the grid - with 12px font-size

Notify user on search and replace action

Approved timesheets on inactive resource link shuold not be deleted

Remove 'Add task' from the actions on creation of a post/reply

Find and replace resource action

Updateable Resource state (inactive, active)

New collaboration bookmark that will get URL and initial text and start collaboration - Carinize

Password protect in share views

Customer CR/Feature:


Add "notify" field to group membership link

Open Case for Social license

Allow finding item using the system ID in autocomplete (type ahead)

Have Pick lists updatable via API

Option to disable WalkMe Pop Ups

Export to PDF option for charts

Share view password protections and ability to  reset password for exsiting widgets

Add Checkbox in the Add Mode of Time Entry to Auto Submit

Ability to distinguish between different attachment types (upload vs link vs. shortcut vs box vs google) in business rules

"Ref to Link" field

Resource Load - Export - only by project, not all tasks

Make budgeted work field roll up

Add option to run WR, VR and SWR on counter fields

Multi-select Picklist

action for find & replace resources for work items

'Improvements to Non-Working Time report'

FB - double click to fit the column size to the content

V6 HF20

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Hot fix release with two customer change requests, including:  enabling project managers to only approve the relevant project timesheets,

which allows for a much better and streamlined approval flow, API query for deleted items ,

which gives access to deleted items through API calls.

Customer CR/Feature:


when PM enters approvals and drills down to timesheet, he should approve only that project's timesheet

API query for deleted items


V6 HF19

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A few tasks were addressed in this HF, including the fact that users that have not yet gone through the registration,

but try to access Clarizen through a discussion group email, will now be sent through the registration, and not to the login page.

See below for a full release report.


Customer CR/Feature:


First time a user tries to access clarizen, should always go through registration process

Send email to Admins when an offline restore function has completed



V6 HF18

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The HF includes many bug fixes, but also one great new feature – the ability to share views as widgets.

This great new functionality allows you to make shareable reports out of any view (including charts!!)

that can be emailed to stakeholders or shared on a website/portal.

For instance, create a view of all cases submitted by a specific customer, share it, publish it on your portal (or share by email),

and voila – you now have a live, real-time updated customer case list.

Below is a full report:

Customer CR/Feature:


Share view - New share widget popup to generate widget url

Share view - New widget view

Share view - restrict view options

Share view - customization support for new widget type

Share view - Select available relations to view in widget

FR3 + V6 HF17

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Just like all of our Feature Releases, this one is jam packed with customer requests along with internal features.

Included in this release is the ability to drag and drop in the work plan and the resource load,

both of which are extremely useful when doing your project and resource planning!

We’ve also added a brand new work plan mode, and the ability to dock panels in the detail views.

Not even close to being last is a great new workflow rule action that allows you to popup a notification to a user or group of users!

Be sure to check out the full list of updates below, and the FR3 blog posts .

Below is a full report:

Customer CR/Feature:


Impersonate user via API

Set Workitem description field size to 2000

New setting to detach % complete from the "Actual Effort" on non-leaf work items

Search for user should include first & last names in addition to display name

ability to copy and paste between projects

Add new calendar exception type called "Business Travel"

New functions Week(datetime)

Notify action in BR

Add Org ID in URL when using Federated Authentication instant redirect

Drag & Drop Support for resource load

Allow setting an html attribute on html created by BR

Change Training Role 'User' to 'Full User'

usage quota of custom fields needs to be shown per super class, if the edition is unlimited

Change user parameter in 'Budget -> User Expense Summary report to 'is one of''

Drag & Drop Support for trees

Internal CR/Feature:


GA for run report

Add access to a web page from the email or from the feed without going through Clarizen drill down

Implement REST API

Add ability to dock panels in detail views

improve sort indication

Allow currentobject() function in CA formula

Control refresh should hold a request unique identifier to make sure the UI is updated with the latest response

Editor should not send data to server in certain scenarios

Detailed view visual design changes

Floating tasks with no dates should appear with any date filter

ability to update discussion message post via business rules on create event

work plan mode for views

Files encryption - to be configurable per org

When posting a document in the social feed and doesn’t return any image - put a generic image

Increase custom fields physical limitation from 250 to 500 for unlimited edition

Reports - To do tasks with no dates should appear with any date filter that includes today

When an author of a discussion notify himself by name (not as part of a group), an email should be sent to him like to the rest of the notified people

Improve custom scrollbar performance

What's new popup (WalkMe)

work plan mode - View Editor

WalkMe new design for the Want's new tutorial


V6 HF16

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Included in this HF is an improvement tot he sticky scroll and headers

Customer CR/Feature:


Improve performance of the sticky scroll and sticky headers

V6 HF15/RD2

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This HF contains many bug fixes, but also includes a few customer and internal CRs.  Some of the most noteable CRs include:

·         the ability to create custom CSS to get a customer’s brand into Clarizen.

This is a really incredible feature, and I’ve attached a screenshot just to show you some of the amazing things that can be done with it.

·         improvements to the scatter chart including the grouping of dots according to color and a snazzy new zoom control (very cool improvements!)

·         uploading images has been enhanced by allowing you to click on a work item, user, or group icon from the property card, relation panel, and drill down

·         and lastly, we’ve made private group content private to super users

Customer CR/Feature:


Super users should not see private groups content

ability to override upgrade behavior so that users entering Clarizen after upgrade will get Admin defined default view

New System setting for license alerts - should allow org to decide who gets alerts on license expiration

Chart display option - grouping of dots in scatter according to color when there isnt enough space

Edit CSS for getting the Brand into Clarizen. Like setting of fonts and background colors

clicking on the entity icon - especially on user's icon should allow uploading a new image

Internal CR/Feature:


Chart headers in popup

Scatter title


View Widget Support

Chart Display option - Zoom in feature

Drill down to chart sections

Zooming option

Add support for search suggestions

Move the connection strings in the solution to a separate linked configuration file

Example for custom CSS to get a customer’s brand into Clarizen

FR2 and HF14

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This release includes a plethora of customer change requests, along with many additional improvements,

most of which improve usability dramatically.

For instance, we’ve added the ability determine the items shown per page in grids, new light editors,

a search bar in the properties card and search and filters in discussions,just to name a few.

Below is a full list of all the release:

Customer CR/Feature:


Timesheets- for tasks that have not yet started - show days that are before start date in a different color

Remove the Save and New for Notes

Add # of items per page dropdown in the pager bar for all grids with paging

Add "All" option to number of results per page in pager bar - when "All" selected then should do lazy load

Access to start and end of work day in customizations

Improve 'add dependency' functionality

Add a report that exports projects data as MsProject XML

Improve toggle field UX

Ability to filter within discussions

Support billing rates on Resource link and Job Title on Project link

Activity Today should not "mark as unread" the items if user did not really read them

Ability to report time on tasks not originally assigned to a user (system setting)



Internal CR/Feature:


Add search bar to properties card

Add a notification when pasting in a sorted tree that the order might change

Make the filtered indication more visible

Usability Feedback - need to enhance checkboxes in grid (for row selection)

Usability Feedback - changes to editor to make it more user friendly

Executable and Critical path fields headers in grid should show image with tooltip

Default " notify me " field in All Company should be None

Ability to filter within discussions (SOLR)

Set the default of "Allow external users to view all people" to "Off"

text editor : aligned search bar (right side) with rich text buttons (left side) | remove 'update' title presented above in Discussions.

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