Work Item Types

Work Item Types


This page describes how Clarizen deals with projects and includes the following sections:

About Projects

Project Icon

A project is assigned to a project manager and can also be assigned to other team members, such as managers, resources,

reviewers, etc. A project may consist of milestones, tasks, or other sub-projects. Although sub-projects are created as part

of a parent project, they are considered independent projects that include an independent team and represent a separate

deliverable of the project.



Contextual Drop-Down Menu


Project Data Preview Window

Figure 1: Project Data Preview Window


Adding Projects

Adding (creating) new projects can be achieved in several ways. One method is adding a
new project via the Navigation Panel

Alternatively, an Add Project button is located at the upper-right section of grid and thumbnail views.

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This page describes Clarizen milestones and includes the following sections:


About Milestones

Milestone Icon

According to standard terminology "A milestone is a significant event in the project, such as an event restraining future work
or marking the completion of a major deliverable or phase". Wikipedia

A Clarizen milestone has two usages:

A milestone is typically used as a container of tasks to be completed in order to achieve the milestone’s goals
(in terms of content and dates). This methodology enables an instant understanding of every milestone’s status,
especially since it is reflected in the project's work items.

You can refer to a milestone as a significant phase or hammock in your project plan, as this needs to be highlighted in the
high level overview of your project. By setting a milestone's due date you can make it behave like a date-driven milestone

rather than being fully scheduled by its planned work effort.

Milestone Icon

  • Milestones are presented as the icon .
    On Roadmaps , i cons fill up with a grey color to indicate the percent completion, schedule status and the milestone progress.

    Milestone Roadmap schedule status examples:
  • — Milestone is 4% complete
  • — Milestone is 65% c omplete

​Note: When creating a project, add main project milestones under the project to provide graphic visualization of the
project status and its progress on a Roadmap.

Border Colors

The below images represent the potential roadmap icons:

— The grey border around this milestone icon indicates that this work item's status is 'Not Active'.

— The green border around this icon milestone indicates that this work item's status is 'On Track'.

— The orange border around this icon milestone indicates that this work item's status is 'At Risk'.

— The red border around this milestone icon indicates that this work item's status is 'Off Track'.

Other Indicators

— The down arrow on the top left of this milestone icon indicates that this work item is impacted by other work items.

— The up arrow on the top left of this milestone icon indicates that this work item impacts other work items.

— The up and down arrows on the top left of this milestone icon indicate that this work item both impacts and is
impacted by other work items.

— The blue arrow on the bottom left of this milestone icon indicates that this work item is a shortcut.

Contextual Drop-Down Menu




Milestone Data Preview Window

  1. Hover the mouse pointer over the milestone name to expose the Quick Peek.
  2. Click

    The Milestone Preview opens.

Figure 1: Milestone Preview



Adding Milestones

Milestones can be added to Clarizen via the Navigation Panel , the Milestone module , Work Items module , Roadmaps , Workplans ,
discussions , Data Preview windows and more. The commands and buttons for adding new milestones are l ocated on the
Navigation Panel, ribbons , dialog boxes and windows, and vary in design :

  1. Click

    The Add New Milestone in-line editor opens.

​ ​ Figure 2: Add Milestone In-line Editor

  1. Click

    The Add New Milestone in-line editor expands.

Figure 3: Add Milestone Expanded In-line Editor

  1. Configure as necessary.
  2. Click

    The new milestone is added.

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Tasks Overview

This page is the Tasks Overview and includes the following sections:

About Tasks

Task Icon

According to standard terminology "A task is a discrete scheduled component of work performed during the course of a
project. A task normally has an estimated duration, start and due date as well as resources.

A task can be dependent on other tasks." Wikipedia

In Clarizen, a project manager or other manager may create tasks under any project w ork item . A task can be further detailed
into other sub-tasks. At this point, the parent task becomes a container, also known as a hammock , and behaves like a milestone ,
summing up effort, duration and financial values from the sub-tasks below.

A task can be redefined and given a different hierarchy to suit project changes, by redefining the task as the child or parent of
any task or milestone.


Task’s Work


Work is measured in the same units as duration (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months).

The default value when setting a task is one day unless defined otherwise during assignment.
A task’s work is the total labor time (measured in man-hours) that is required to complete the t ask (sometimes termed as
Planned Effort ).

A resource’s work is the total amount of work (measured in hours or days) to which they have allocated to that t ask.

Work of the task is a summation of the work assigned to all of the task’s resources.

Clarizen enables you to assign different amounts of work per resource on a task.


Tasks can be Followed . Following a task means that the user receives relevant Activities Today posts in their News Feed

(providing the filter is set by Follow ). Additionally, Clarizen generates emails to followers of discussions (if defined in
System Settings ).

A Followers Relations Panel shows all automatic Followers (team members) or manually self-assigned F ollowers.

R egarding user items, you can see both who a user is F ollowing, and who is F ollowing that user.

Task Types

There are three main Task types :


Recurring Tasks

Recurring Task Icon

Recurring tasks are r egular tasks that are scheduled as ongoing and intermitte nt, they are available as tasks relating to projects or milestones .

For example, a recurring task could be the submission of a weekly status report or attending a regularly scheduled webinar .


Project Tasks

Task Icon

Project tasks are the most common sub-task type.

A project manager or other manager may create a project task under any w ork item .


To Do List Items

To Do List Icon

To Do List items are 'stand alone' regular tasks unconnected to any project or other Clarizen parent item,
and are therefore not under any project hierarchy .

For example, a To Do List item could be an activity you assign to yourself, such as to conduct research on a specific topic,
or an activity assigned to a resource by a manager to prepare a presentation, or complete a bug status report .


Setting Up Modules

Your organization's Clarizen Admn user can add or remove work item modules to/from the Navigation Panel , and the vertical order of appearance of
the modules can be altered.


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