Template Types

Project Templates

This page describes project templates and includes the following sections:

About Project Templates
Save time when creating a new project by using a template from an existing project or an out of the box template provided by Clarizen.
Templates can be created from any project, including projects that were imported from MS-Project. Selecting a template when creating a new project provides you with a basic framework, rather than requiring you to create a new project from scratch.
About Creating Project Templates
New project templates can be created by selecting a project listed on the grid or by accessing the project's detail view and selecting the 'Save as template' action.  Once done, the new template is added to the Templates module, containing your organization's templates.
About Creating New Items from Templates
You can create new projects and milestones with properties based on an organization-defined template or one provided out of the box by Clarizen.

Milestone Templates

This page describes milestone templates and includes the following sections:

About Milestone Templates
Save time when creating a new milestone by using a template .
Milestone templates that were previously saved in the system can be used to provide a basic framework for creating new milestones.
About Creating Milestone Templates
New milestone templates can be created by selecting an existing milestone in the grid, or by accessing a milestone's detail view, and then saving it as a template.
Once this is done, the new template appears in the Templates module with the other templates in your organization.
About Creating Milestones from Templates
New milestones can be created from templates when you are at the initial stages of creating a new milestone, by adding a system template to the milestone's properties at the design stage.
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